1 John 3

What has the Father bestowed on us? I John 3:1 _____________________________

How does God bestow His love on us? I John 3:1 _____________________________

Why does the world not know the sons of God? I John 3:1 ____________________

What will happen when Christ is revealed? I John 3:2 _______________________

How shall we see Jesus? I John 3:2 _________________________________________

What does everyone who has this hope in Christ do? I John 3:3 ______________

To what extent do we purify ourselves? I John 3:3 __________________________

If you commit sin you also commit ____________________. I John 3:4

What is sin? I John 3:4 _____________________________

Why was Jesus manifested? I John 3:5 _______________________________________

Who has no sin? I John 3:5 _________________________________________________

Who does not sin? I John 3:6 _______________________________________________
Note: Sin in the present tense refers to continual or habitual sin.

Who has neither seen nor known Christ? I John 3:6 __________________________

Who is righteous? I John 3:7 _______________________________________________

Who is of the devil? I John 3:8 ____________________________________________

Who has sinned from the beginning? I John 3:8 ______________________________

Why was the Son of God manifested? I John 3:8 ______________________________


Who does not sin? I John 3:9 _______________________________________________

Why does he not sin? (2 reasons) I John 3:9 ________________________________


How are children of the devil manifest? I John 3:10 ________________________


How are the children of God manifest? I John 3:10 __________________________


What message did you hear from the beginning? I John 3:11 __________________

What did Cain do? I John 3:12 ______________________________________________

Why did Cain kill his brother? I John 3:12 _________________________________

What are we not to marvel about? I John 3:13 _______________________________

How do we know that we have passed from death to life? I John 3:14 _________


Who abides in death? I John 3:14 ___________________________________________

What does the Bible call someone who hates his brother? I John 3:15 ________

What does a murderer not have? I John 3:15 _________________________________

How do we know love? I John 3:16 ___________________________________________

What ought we to do for the brethren? I John 3:16 __________________________

What shows that the love of God does not abide in a person? I John 3:17 ____



How are we not merely to love? I John 3:18 _________________________________

How are we to love? I John 3:18 ____________________________________________

How do we know we are of the truth and how do we assure our hearts before 

God? I John 3:18-19 ________________________________________________________

What is God greater than? I John 3:20 ______________________________________

What does God know? I John 3:20 ____________________________________________

When do we have confidence toward God? I John 3:21 _________________________

Why does God answer prayer? I John 3:22 ____________________________________


What is His commandment? I John 3:23 _______________________________________


Who gave us the commandment? I John 3:23 ___________________________________

Who abides in Jesus Christ? I John 3:24 ____________________________________

Who abides in the one who keeps Christís commandments? I John 3:24 _________

How do we know Christ abides in us? I John 3:24 ____________________________

Who gave us the Spirit? I John 3:24 _____________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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