1 Timothy 1

Who wrote 1 Timothy (1 Tim. 1:1)? _______________________________________________

By whose commandment is Paul an apostle (v.1)? ____________________________________

Who is our hope (v.1)? _________________________________________________________

Who is this letter written to (v.2)? _________________________________________________

How is Timothy described (v.2)? __________________________________________________

What is from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord (v.2)? ___________________________

Where did Paul want Timothy to remain or abide (v.3)? ________________________________

What was Timothy to charge some of the people (v.3)? ________________________________

What were they not to give heed to (v.4)? ___________________________________________

Were the fables and endless genealogies edifying the people (v.4)? _______________________

What is the end or purpose of the commandment (v.5)? ________________________________

Where is this love from (v.5)? ____________________________________________________

What did those, who swerved from the love, turn aside to (v.6)? _________________________

What did those, who swerved from the love, desire to be (v.7)? __________________________

What did they not understand (v.7)? _______________________________________________

The law is good if a man uses it how (v.8)? _________________________________________

Who is the law not made for (v.9)? ________________________________________________

Who is the law made for (v.9)? ___________________________________________________


Who else is the law made for (v.10)? ______________________________________________

What was committed to Paul's trust (v.11)? _________________________________________

Who has enabled Paul (v.12)? ____________________________________________________

What did Christ Jesus count Paul to be (v.12)? _______________________________________

What did Christ put Paul into (v.12)? ______________________________________________

What was Paul formerly or before (v.13)? ___________________________________________

What did Paul obtain (v.13)? _____________________________________________________

Why did Paul obtain mercy (v.13)? ________________________________________________

What was exceedingly abundant (v.14)? ____________________________________________

What two things came with the grace of our Lord (v.14)? ______________________________

What is the faithful saying and worthy of acceptance (v.15)? ____________________________

What is Paul chief of (v.15)? _____________________________________________________

What did Jesus Christ show in Paul (v.16)? _________________________________________

Who all did Jesus Christ show all longsuffering to (v.16)? ______________________________


How is the King described (v.17)? ________________________________________________

To whom be honor and glory forever and ever (v.17)? _________________________________

Who did Paul give a charge to (v.18)? ______________________________________________

What is the charge given according to (v.18)? ________________________________________

What is that charge that Paul gave to Timothy (v.18)? _________________________________


What have some rejected or put away (v.19)? ________________________________________

Concerning what have some suffered shipwreck (v.19)? _______________________________

Who are two who have suffered shipwreck in their faith (vv.19-20)? _____________________

Why did Paul deliver Hymenaeus and Alexander to Satan (v.20)? ________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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