1 Timothy 3

What type of saying is this (1 Tim. 3:1)? ____________________________________________

What type of work is the work of a bishop (v.1)? ______________________________________

What characteristics must a bishop have (v.2)? _______________________________________


What is a bishop not given to (v.3)? ________________________________________________

What is a bishop not greedy for (v.3)? ______________________________________________

How does a bishop rule his house (v.4)? ____________________________________________

What are the bishop's children to be like (v.4)? _______________________________________

What must a man know how to do (v.5)? ___________________________________________

If a man cannot rule his own house what else can't a man do (v.5)? _______________________


Why can't a bishop be a novice (v.6)? _______________________________________________

Among whom must a bishop have a good testimony or report (v.7)? ______________________

Whose snare might he fall into (v.7)? ______________________________________________

What are deacons to be like (v.8)? _________________________________________________


With what type of conscience are deacons to hold the mystery of the faith (v.9)? ____________

What are these deacons first to be (v.10)? ___________________________________________

What type of character are deacons to have (v.10)? ___________________________________

What must their wives be like (v.11)? _____________________________________________


How many wives are deacons to have (v.12)? ________________________________________

How are deacons to rule their children and houses (v.12)? ______________________________

What two things do those who served well as deacons gain for themselves (v.13)? ___________


When does Paul hope to come to them (v.14)? ________________________________________

Paul is writing so that they may know what (v.15)? ____________________________________

What all is the house of God called (v.15)? ___________________________________________


What is great (v.16)? ____________________________________________________________

Where was God manifested (v.16)? ________________________________________________

Where is God justified (v.16)? ____________________________________________________

To whom is God preached (v.16)? _________________________________________________

Where is God believed on (v.16)? _________________________________________________

Where was God received up (v.16)? _______________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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