1 Timothy 4

What does the Spirit say will happen in the latter times (1 Tim. 4:1)? _____________________


What will the people speak in the latter times (v.2)? ___________________________________

What will happen the the people's conscience in the latter times (v.2)? ____________________

What will they forbid (v.3)? _____________________________________________________

What will they command to abstain from (v.3)? ______________________________________

What is good (v.4)? ____________________________________________________________

With what are the creatures to be received (v.4)? _____________________________________

What are the creatures sanctified by (v.5)? __________________________________________

What was Timothy to do to be a good minister of Jesus Christ (v.6)? _____________________

What were they to be nourished in (v.6)? ___________________________________________

What are you to do with old wives's fables (v.7)? _____________________________________

What are you to exercise yourself unto (v.7)? _______________________________________

How much does bodily exercise profit (v.8)? ________________________________________

What is godliness profitable for (v.8)? _____________________________________________

What does godliness have promise of (v.8)? _________________________________________

What is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance (vv.8-9)? _________________________


Why do we labor and suffer reproach (v.10)? ________________________________________

Who is the living God the Savior of (v.10)? _________________________________________

What is Timothy to command and teach (v.11)? ______________________________________

What is Timothy to let no man despise (v.12)? _______________________________________

What is he to be an example to believers in (v.12)? ___________________________________


What is Timothy to give attention to (v.13)? _________________________________________

What is Timothy not to neglect (v.14)? _____________________________________________

How was the gift given to Timothy (v.14)? __________________________________________

Who was his profiting or progress to appear to (v.15)? _________________________________

What was Timothy to take heed to (v.16)? __________________________________________

By doing this who will Timothy save (v.16)? ________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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