1 Timothy 6

Who is to count their own masters worthy of all honor (1 Tim. 6:1)? ______________________

Why are servants to count their masters worthy of honor (v.1)? __________________________


What are servants not to do toward believing masters (v.2)? ____________________________

Why are believing servants to serve their believing masters (v.2)? _______________________

What does verse four say about those who do not consent to the words of Jesus Christ (vv.3-4)?


What comes from disputes or questions and strifes or arguments over words (vv.4-5)? _______


Are we to withdraw from those who do not consent to the words of Jesus Christ and create strife

over words (vv.3-5)? ___________________________________________________________

What is great gain (v.6)? ________________________________________________________

What did we bring into this world (v.7)? ____________________________________________

What can we carry out of this world (v.7)? __________________________________________

With what are we to be content (v.8)? ______________________________________________

What 3 things do they who desire to be rich fall into (v.9)? _____________________________


What drown men in destruction and perdition (v.9)? ___________________________________

What is the love of money a root of (v.10)? _________________________________________

What have some strayed or erred from in their greediness or coveting (v.10)? _______________

In their greediness or coveting they have pierced themselves through with what (v.10)? _______

What are you to pursue or follow after (v.11)? _______________________________________


Fight the good fight of _______________________ (v.12).

Lay hold on ________________________ (v.12).

What did Timothy do before many witnesses (v.12)? __________________________________

Who quickens or gives life to all things (v.13)? ______________________________________

Who witnessed a good confession before Pontius Pilate (v.13)? _________________________

How are you to keep this commandment (v.14)? _____________________________________

Until when are you to keep this commandment (v.14)? ________________________________

Who is the only Potentate, the King of kings and Lord of Lord (vv.14-15)? ________________

Who has immortality (vv14-16)? __________________________________________________

What does Jesus Christ dwell in (v.16)? ____________________________________________

Does Jesus have honor and power everlasting (v.16)? _________________________________

What are those who are rich in this world not to be (v.17)? _____________________________

What are you not to trust in (v.17)? ________________________________________________

Who are we to trust in (v.17)? ____________________________________________________

Who gives us all things to enjoy (v.17)? ____________________________________________

What should they be rich in (v.18)? ________________________________________________

What should they lay up or store up for themselves (v.19)? _____________________________

Why should they lay up for themselves eternal life (v.19)? ______________________________

What is Timothy to avoid (v.20)? _________________________________________________

By professing profane and vain babblings what have some strayed from (vv.20-21)? _________

What is to be with you (v.21)? ____________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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