Alcohol and Drugs

The word "wine" in scripture can mean grape juice, a strong alcoholic drink, or anywhere in between.

The word "sorcerer" is translated from a greek word that we get our word pharmacy from. A sorcerer is one who uses drugs, potions, spells, enchantments.

Destiny of the drunkard and drug user:

What will the drunkard not inherit (1 Cor.6:9-10)? ____________________________________

What will those who practice drunkenness and witchcraft/sorcery not inherit (Gal. 5:19-21)? __


Where will sorcerers go (Rev. 21:8)? _______________________________________________

Commands to be sober:

What is commanded in 1 Thes. 5:6-7? ______________________________________________

in 1 Peter 1:13? _______________________________________________________________

in 1 Peter 5:8? _________________________________________________________________

in Eph. 5:18? __________________________________________________________________

Scriptures on wine, strong drink, and sorcery:

What is wine called (Prov. 20:1)? _________________________________________________

What is strong drink called (Prov. 20:1)? ____________________________________________

What does Prov. 20:1 say about those deceived by strong drink? __________________________

Are we to be among winebibbers (Prov. 23:20)? ______________________________________

What shall a drunkard and glutton come to (Prov. 23:21)? ______________________________

Who has woe and sorrow (Prov. 23:29-35)? _________________________________________

Who does God speak woe to (Is. 5:22)? ____________________________________________

What caused the priest and prophet to err (Is. 28:7-8)? _________________________________

Who has woe and the right hand of God turned against them (Hab. 2:15-16)? _______________


What are we not to walk in (Rom. 13:13)? __________________________________________

What did they not repent of (Rev. 9:21)? ____________________________________________

By what were all nations deceived (Rev. 18:23)? _____________________________________

Drunkenness and intoxication are sin. Addiction to alcohol or other drugs is slavery to sin

(John 8:34-36).

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (Todd R. Cook)

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