Where does anger rest? Eccl. 7:9 ____________________________________________

What is the person who is angry with his brother in danger of? Matt. 5:22 ___


Who has great understanding? Prov. 14:29 ____________________________________

What is anger? Prov. 27:4 ___________________________________________________

What should be put away from you? Eph. 4:31 _________________________________


What must you put off? Col. 3:8 _____________________________________________


What does an angry man do? Prov. 29:22 ______________________________________

Who will suffer punishment? Prov. 19:19 _____________________________________

What does a soft answer do? Prov. 15:1 ______________________________________

What does a harsh word do? Prov. 15:1 _______________________________________

What are we not to do when we are angry? Eph. 4:26 __________________________

When are we to stop being angry? Eph. 4:26 __________________________________

What do wise men turn away? Prov. 29:8 ______________________________________

He who is slow to anger is better than who? Prov. 16:32 _____________________

What makes a man slow to anger? Prov. 19:11 _________________________________

Who are we not to make friends with? Prov. 22:24 ____________________________
Note: There is a righteous anger and an unrighteous anger. An unrighteous 
anger comes when we donít get our way or is caused by our selfishness. A 
righteous anger is when we are angry because an injustice has been done.  
Even in a righteous anger, we are to be in control of ourselves and not sin.

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (

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