Ephesians 2


Who did He quicken or make alive (Eph. 2:1)? ______________________________________


What were you dead in (v.1)? ____________________________________________________


In the past what two things did you walk in (v.2)? ____________________________________




Where does the prince of the power of the air work (v.2)? ______________________________


What did we do in the lusts of our flesh (v.3)? _______________________________________


What did we fulfill the desires of (v.3)? ____________________________________________


What were we by nature (v.3)? ___________________________________________________


What is God rich in (v.4)? _______________________________________________________


Toward whom is God's love directed (v.4)? _________________________________________


Who were dead in sins or trespasses (v.5)? __________________________________________


Who were we quickened or made alive together with (v.5)? ____________________________


You are saved by what (v.5)? ____________________________________________________


To where are we raised and seated (v.6)? ___________________________________________


What will God show in the ages to come (v.7)? ______________________________________




Toward whom is this grace shown (v.7)? ___________________________________________


For by _________________ are ye save through _________________ (v.8).


Who is salvation not of (v.8)? ____________________________________________________


Salvation is the gift of whom (v.8)? ________________________________________________


Salvation is not of what (v.9)? ____________________________________________________


What could we do if salvation was of works (v.9)? ____________________________________


Whose workmanship are we (v.10)? _______________________________________________


What are we created in Christ Jesus to do (v.10)? ____________________________________


What has God before ordained that we should walk in (v.10)? __________________________


What were Gentiles called by the Circumcision (v.11)? ________________________________


Who were the Gentiles without (v.12)? _____________________________________________


What were the Gentiles aliens from (v.12)? __________________________________________


What were the Gentiles strangers from (v.12)? _______________________________________


What were the Gentiles without (v.12)? _____________________________________________


How were you brought near to Christ (v.13)? ________________________________________


Where were you before you were brought near to Christ (v.13)? _________________________


Who is our peace (v.14)? _______________________________________________________


Who broke down the middle wall of partition or separation between the Circumcised and the


Uncircumcised (v.14)? __________________________________________________________


What did Christ abolish in His flesh (v.15)? _________________________________________


What is the enmity in verse fifteen? ________________________________________________


What did Christ make in Himself from the Circumcised and the Uncircumcised (v.15)? _______




Unto Whom did Christ reconcile them both (v.16)? ____________________________________


By or through what did Christ reconcile the Jew and Gentile in one body (v.16)? _____________


What happened to the enmity (v.16)? _______________________________________________


Who did Christ preach peace to (v.17)? _____________________________________________


For through ____________we both have _______________ by one ________________ to the


____________ (v.18).


What are you no more (v.19)? ____________________________________________________


What are you instead of strangers and foreigners (v.19)? _______________________________




What foundation are we built on (v.20)? ___________________________________________


What is Jesus Christ (v.20)? _____________________________________________________


In Christ the building fitly framed grows unto what (v.21)? _____________________________


Who also are being built together (v.22)? ___________________________________________


You are built together for what (v.22)? _____________________________________________



By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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