Ephesians 3


Who is the prisoner of Christ Jesus (Eph. 3:1)? ______________________________________


Who is Paul a prisoner of Christ for (v.1)? __________________________________________


What dispensation was given to Paul (v.2)? _________________________________________


Who is the dispensation of grace for (v.2)? _________________________________________


What was made know to Paul by revelation (v.3)? ____________________________________


What will they understand when they read (v.4)? _____________________________________


What was not made known to the sons of men in other ages (vv.2-5)? ____________________


Who is the mystery of the dispensation of grace revealed by (v.5)? _______________________


Who was this mystery revealed to (v.5)? ___________________________________________


The mystery revealed that the Gentiles should be what three things (v.6)? _________________




What did Paul become a minister of (vv.6-7)? _______________________________________


According to what was Paul made a minister (v.7)? __________________________________


By what was the gift of the grace of God given (v.7)? _________________________________


How did Paul describe himself (v.8)? ______________________________________________


What did Paul preach among the Gentiles (v.8)? _____________________________________


What did Paul try to make all men see (v.9)? ________________________________________


Through or by Whom did God create all things (v.9)? _________________________________


What did Paul want to be made known by the church (v.10)? ___________________________


To whom did Paul intend the wisdom of God to be known (v.10)? _______________________


Where are the principalities and powers (v.10)? ______________________________________


According to what did God make known the manifold wisdom of God (v.11)? ______________


In Whom did God purpose or accomplish the eternal purpose (v.11)? ____________________


In Christ, what do we have with confidence (v.12)? __________________________________


Through or by what do we have boldness and access with confidence (v.12)? ______________


What attitude does Paul want them to take concerning his tribulations (v.13)? ______________


Who are the tribulations for (v.13)? ________________________________________________


What was their glory (v.13)? _____________________________________________________


Who does Paul bow his knees to (v.14)? ____________________________________________


From Whom is the whole family named (v.14-15)? ___________________________________


Where is the family of God (v.15)? ________________________________________________


Paul prayed God would grant you to be strengthened according to what (v.16)? _____________




Through Whom was Paul praying that they would be strengthened (v.16)? _________________


Where would they be strengthened (v.16)? __________________________________________


Paul prayed that Christ may dwell where (v.17)? _____________________________________


Paul prayed that Christ may dwell in their hearts through what (v.17)? ____________________


Paul prayed that they would be rooted and grounded in what (v.17)? ______________________


What were they to comprehend (vv.17-18)? __________________________________________


Who were they to comprehend this with (v.18)? ______________________________________


What were they to know (v.19)? __________________________________________________


What were they to be filled with (v.19)? ____________________________________________


What is God able to do (v.20)? ___________________________________________________


According to what is God able to do this (v.20)? _____________________________________


Where is the glory to be given to God (v.21)? ________________________________________


When is God to get the glory (v.21)? _______________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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