Galatians 2

What city did Paul go to (Gal. 2:1)? _______________________________________________

Who went with Paul to Jerusalem (v.1)? ____________________________________________

What did Paul communicate and preach (v.2)? _______________________________________

Who did Paul preach to (v.2)? ____________________________________________________

Who did Paul talk to privately in Jerusalem (v.2)? ____________________________________

What nationality was Titus (v.3)? _________________________________________________

What did Titus not do (v.3)? _____________________________________________________

What type of brethren is Paul talking about in verse four? ______________________________

What did the false brethren come to spy out (v.4)? ____________________________________

What did the false brethren try to do (v.4)? __________________________________________

Did Paul give place to or yield to the false brethren (v.5)? ______________________________

Why didn't Paul yield to the false brethren (v.5)? _____________________________________

Does God show favoritism to any man (v.6)? ________________________________________

Who added nothing to Paul (v.6)? _________________________________________________

What was committed to Paul (v.7)? ________________________________________________

What was committed to Peter (v.7)? _______________________________________________

Who worked effectively in Peter and Paul (v.8)? ______________________________________

Who was Peter an apostle to (v.8)? ________________________________________________

Who was Paul an apostle to (v.8)? _________________________________________________

Who were the pillars (v.9)? ______________________________________________________

What did the apostles perceive in Paul (v.9)? _________________________________________

What did the apostles give Paul and Barnabas (v9)? ___________________________________

Who were James, Peter, and John going to (v.9)? _____________________________________

Who were Paul and Barnabas to remember (v.10)? ____________________________________

Who did Paul withstand in Antioch (v.11)? __________________________________________

Why did Paul withstand Peter (v.11)? ______________________________________________

Who did Peter eat with before men arrived from James (v.12)? ___________________________

What did Peter do after the men arrived from James (v.12)? _____________________________

Who did Peter fear (v.12)? _______________________________________________________

What did the other Jews do (v.13)? ________________________________________________

Who else was carried away by what Peter and the Jews were doing (v.13)? _________________

Were Peter and Barnabas acting according to the truth of the gospel (v.14)? ________________

Whose manner did Peter live after (v.14)? ___________________________________________

How did Peter compel the Gentiles to live (v.14)? _____________________________________

Who were not sinners of the Gentiles (v.15)? _________________________________________

How is a man not justified (v.16)? _________________________________________________

How is a man justified (v.16)? ____________________________________________________

What are those who are justified by Christ still found to be (v.17)? ________________________

If the justified by Christ are sinners, is Christ a minister of sin (v.17)? _____________________

How would Paul make himself a transgressor (v.18)? __________________________________

What is Paul dead to (v.19)? _____________________________________________________

Who might Paul live to (v.19)? ___________________________________________________

Who is Paul crucified with (v.20)? _________________________________________________

Who no longer lives (v.20)? ______________________________________________________

Who is to live in us (v.20)? _______________________________________________________

How are we to live this life in the flesh (v.20)? _______________________________________

Who loved you and gave Himself for you (v.20)? _____________________________________

What does Paul not do to the grace of God (v.21)? ____________________________________

What would make Christ's death in vain (v.21)? _______________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (

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