Galatians 3

What was the result of the Galatians being bewitched (Gal. 3:1)? _________________________

How was Jesus Christ portrayed or set forth among you (v.1)? __________________________

Do Christians receive the Holy Spirit by works of the law or by faith (v.2)? ________________

In Whom did the Galatians start their Christian life (v.3)? ______________________________

Is a person made perfect by the flesh (v.3)? _________________________________________

What was in danger of being in vain (v.4)? _________________________________________

Do the Holy Spirit and miracles come by works of the law or by hearing of faith (v.5)? ______

How did Abraham become righteous (v.6)? ________________________________________

Note: Paul refers to Genesis 15:6.

Who are the children of Abraham (v.7)? ___________________________________________

What foresaw the justification of the heathen or Gentiles (v.8)? _________________________

How are the heathen or Gentiles justified (v.8)? ______________________________________

Who was the gospel preached to (v.8)? ____________________________________________

What was the gospel message preached to Abraham (v.8)? _____________________________

Note: That message to Abraham is found in Genesis 12:3.

Who are blessed with faithful or believing Abraham (v.9)? _____________________________

Who are under the curse (v.10)? __________________________________________________

Who is cursed (v.10)? __________________________________________________________

Note: Paul refers to Deut. 27:26 and Jer. 11:3 in this verse.

Who is justified by the law in God's sight (v.11)? ____________________________________

How do the just live (v.11)? _____________________________________________________

Who lives by faith (v.11)? ______________________________________________________

Note: Paul is referring to Hab. 2:4.

What is not of faith (v.12)? _____________________________________________________

How does the man who does the law live (v.12)? ____________________________________

Note: Paul is referring to Lev. 18:5.

What has Christ redeemed us from (v.13)? _________________________________________

Who became a curse for us (v.13)? _______________________________________________

What happens to everyone who hangs on a tree (v.13)? _______________________________

Note: Paul quotes from Deut. 21:23. Christ's cross was from a tree.

What blessing comes on the Gentiles (v.14)? ________________________________________

Through Whom or in Whom did the blessing of Abraham come (v.14)? __________________

What is the result of the blessing of Abraham (v.14)? _________________________________

Through what do we receive the promise of the Holy Spirit (v.14)? ______________________

In what manner is Paul speaking (v.15)? ___________________________________________

What type of covenant is Paul referring to (v.15)? ____________________________________

What cannot be done to a confirmed covenant (v.15)? ________________________________

Who were the promises made to (v.16)? ____________________________________________

How many seeds was the promise made to (v.16)? ____________________________________

Who is the Seed referring to (v.16)? _______________________________________________

Note: Paul is referring to Genesis 12:7 and 17:7.

How many years did the law come after the promise (v.17)? ____________________________

Did the law annul the covenant made to Abraham (v.17)? ______________________________

What happens if the inheritance is of the law (v.18)? __________________________________

Who gave the inheritance to Abraham by promise (v.18)? ______________________________

Why was the law added (v. 19)? __________________________________________________

Until when was the law to be around (v.19)? ________________________________________

How was the law ordained or appointed (v.19)? ______________________________________

Does a mediator mediate for only one person (v.20)? __________________________________

How many is God (v.20)? _______________________________________________________

Is the law against the promises ,of God (v.21)? ______________________________________

If life could come through the law what else would come through the law (v.21)? ___________

What has Scripture concluded or confined all under (v.22)? ____________________________

What is given to those who believe (v.22)? _________________________________________

Before faith came, what were we kept under (v.23)? __________________________________

What would afterwards be revealed (v.23)? _________________________________________

What was the law (v.24)? _______________________________________________________

What was the law to do for us (v.24)? _____________________________________________

How is a person justified (v.24)? __________________________________________________

After faith has come, what are we no longer under (v.25)? ______________________________

How do we become sons of God (v.26)? ____________________________________________

Who do those who have been baptized into Christ put on (v.27)? _________________________

What do we become in Christ (v.28)? _______________________________________________

What does becoming one in Christ do away with (v. 28)? ________________________________


If you are Christ's, whose seed do you become (v.29)? __________________________________

If you are Christ's, what do you become according to promise (v.29)? _____________________

The answer to verse 2 is by faith.

The answer to the second question in verse 3 is no.

The answer to verse 5 is by hearing of faith.

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (

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