Genesis 12

What was Abram to get out of (Gen.12:1)? _________________________________________

Who was Abram to leave (v.1)? __________________________________________________

Where was Abram to go (v.1)? ___________________________________________________

What three things were the Lord to make of Abram (v.2)? _____________________________

Who will the Lord bless (v.2)? ___________________________________________________

Whom will the Lord bless in verse three? ____________________________________________

Who will the Lord curse (v.3)? __________________________________________________

Who will be blessed in Abram (v.3)? ______________________________________________

Note: This is accomplished through Christ.

Who went with Abram (v.4)? ___________________________________________________

How old was Abram when he departed from Haran (v.4)? ____________________________

What did Abram take with him (v.5)? _____________________________________________

Where did they go (v.5)? _______________________________________________________

Where did Abram go (v.6)? _____________________________________________________

Who were in the land (v.6)? _____________________________________________________

What did the Lord say to Abram (v.7)? ____________________________________________

What did Abram build (v.7)? ____________________________________________________

Where did Abram move to (v.8)? ________________________________________________

Who did Abram call on (v.8)? ___________________________________________________

Where did Abram move to next (v.9)? ____________________________________________

What was in the land (v.10)? ___________________________________________________

Where did Abram go because of the famine (v.10)? __________________________________

What is Abram's wife's name (v.11)? ______________________________________________

How did Abram describe his wife (v.11)? __________________________________________

What did Abram think would happen in Egypt (v.12)? ________________________________

Who did Abram tell Sarai to say she was (v.13)? ____________________________________

Why did Abram have Sarai to claim that she was his sister (v.13)? ______________________

What did the Egyptians notice in verse fourteen? ____________________________________

 To whom did the princes commend Sarai (v.15)? ___________________________________

Where was Sarai taken (v.15)? __________________________________________________

What was Abram given for Sarai (v.16)? __________________________________________

What did the Lord do to Pharaoh's house (v.17)? ___________________________________

What did Pharaoh want to know (v.18)? __________________________________________

What was Pharaoh concerned about doing (v.19)? ___________________________________

What did Pharaoh do to Abram (v.20)? ____________________________________________

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