Genesis 15

What is the Lord to Abram (Gen.15:1)? ___________________________________________

What was Abram's concern in verse two? __________________________________________

Who would be Abram's heir (v.2)? _______________________________________________

What was Abram's complaint in verse three? ________________________________________

Who will be Abram's heir (v.4)? __________________________________________________

What did the Lord show Abram (v.5)? _____________________________________________

What shall the number of Abram's descendants be like (v.5)? ____________________________

What did Abram do in verse six? _________________________________________________

What was accounted to Abram because he believed (v.6)? _____________________________

Where did the Lord bring Abram from (v.7)? ________________________________________

What was Abram to inherit (v.7)? _________________________________________________

What did Abram want to know in verse eight? _______________________________________

What did the Lord want Abram to bring to Him (v.9)? _________________________________

What did Abram do to the animals (v.10)? ___________________________________________

Note: Covenants were made in that day by cutting animals in two and the two parties making the covenant would walk between the pieces of animals. The idea was that what was done to the animals would be done to the person breaking the covenant.

What came down on the carcasses (v.11)? __________________________________________

What did Abram do to the birds (v.11)? ____________________________________________

What fell upon Abram at sun down (v.12)? _________________________________________

Where would Abram's descendants be (v.13)? _______________________________________

What would the descendants do in that land (v.13)? ___________________________________

What would the strangers do to Abram's descendants (v.13)? ____________________________

What will the Lord do the nation that they serve (v.14)? _______________________________

What will they come out with (v.14)? ______________________________________________

Where will Abram go (v.15)? _____________________________________________________

When will Abram be buried (v.15)? ________________________________________________

When would the descendants return to the land (v.16)? ________________________________

Why would it be 400 years before they would return to the land (v.16)? ___________________

What appeared at sun down (v.17)? _______________________________________________

What passed between the animal pieces (v.17)? ______________________________________

What did the Lord make with Abram (v.18)? ________________________________________

What were the borders of the land that the Lord was giving to Abram's descendants (v.18)? ___


Note: Only the Lord went between the animal pieces indicating that the keeping of the covenant was only dependent on the Lord and not on Abram.

Whose land would be given to the descendants of Abram (vv.19-21)? ____________________



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