Genesis 8

What did God remember (Gen. 8:1)? ______________________________________________

What passed over the earth (v.1)? _________________________________________________

What happened to the waters (v.1)? _______________________________________________

What was stopped and restrained (v.2)? ____________________________________________

What happened to the water (v.3)? ________________________________________________

How long before the waters abated or decreased (v.3)? ________________________________

When did the ark come to rest (v.4)? _______________________________________________

Where did the ark rest (v.4)? _____________________________________________________

When were the tops of the mountains seen (v.5)? _____________________________________

When did Noah open the window (v.6)? ____________________________________________

What did Noah send out in verse 7? _______________________________________________

What did the raven do (v.7)? _____________________________________________________

What did Noah send out in verse 8? _______________________________________________

Why did Noah send a dove (v.8)? _________________________________________________

What did the dove find (v.9)? ____________________________________________________

Where did the dove go (v.9)? ____________________________________________________

How long before Noah sent the dove out again (v.10)? ________________________________

What did the dove return with (v.11)? ______________________________________________

What did Noah know from the dove's return (v.11)? __________________________________

When did Noah send the dove out again (v.12)? ______________________________________

What happened to the dove (v.12)? ________________________________________________

When were the waters dried up from the earth (v.13)? _________________________________

What did Noah remove (v.13)? ___________________________________________________

What did Noah see (v.13)? ______________________________________________________

When was the earth dry (v14)? ___________________________________________________

What did God tell Noah to do (vv.15-16)? __________________________________________

What was Noah to bring out of the ark (v.17)? _______________________________________

What were the living things to do on the earth (v.17)? _________________________________

Who went out of the ark in verse 18? _______________________________________________

What went out of the ark in verse 19? ______________________________________________

What did Noah build (v.20)? _____________________________________________________

What did Noah offer up to God (v.20)? _____________________________________________

What did the Lord smell (v.21)? ___________________________________________________

What two things would the Lord not do again (v.21)? __________________________________


What did the Lord say that man's heart was like (v.21)? _________________________________

What will not cease while the earth remains (v.22)? ____________________________________

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