Genesis 9

What did God tell Noah and his sons (Gen. 9:1)? ____________________________________

What shall be on the beasts, the birds and all that moves on the earth (v.2)? _______________

What was delivered into man's hand (v.2)? _________________________________________

What were they to eat (v.3)? ____________________________________________________

What was not to be in the flesh they ate (v.4)? ______________________________________

What is the life of the flesh (v.4)? ________________________________________________

From what will God require the life of man (v.5)? ___________________________________

What is to happen to the man who sheds blood (v.6)? ________________________________

Why was man's blood to be shed for shedding man's blood (v.6)? _______________________

What did God command man in verse 7? __________________________________________

What did God establish (vv.8-9)? ________________________________________________

With whom did God establish His covenant (v.9)? ___________________________________

With what did God establish His covenant in verse 10? _______________________________

What two things did God promise in the covenant (v.11)? _____________________________


How long was this covenant for (v.12)? ____________________________________________

What was to be a sign of this covenant (vv.12-13)? ___________________________________

Who was the covenant between (v.13)? ____________________________________________

Where will the rainbow be (v.14)? _________________________________________________

What will God remember (v.15)? _________________________________________________

What will the waters never do again (v.15)? _________________________________________

Who will look at the rainbow (v.16)? _______________________________________________

How long is the covenant to last (v.16)? ____________________________________________

Who was the covenant between (v.17)? ____________________________________________

Who were the sons of Noah (v.18)? _______________________________________________

Who was the father of Canaan (v.18)? _____________________________________________

From whom was the whole earth populated (v.19)? ___________________________________

What was Noah's occupation (v.20)? ______________________________________________

What did Noah plant (v.20)? _____________________________________________________

What happened when Noah drank of the wine (v.21)? _________________________________

What did Ham see (v.22)? _______________________________________________________

What did Ham do after seeing his father's nakedness (v.22)? ____________________________

What did Shem and Japheth do upon hearing of their father's nakedness (v.23)? _____________


What did Noah know when he woke up (v.24)? ______________________________________

Who did Noah curse (v.25)? _____________________________________________________

What was the curse (v.25)? ______________________________________________________

Who is blessed in verse 26? ______________________________________________________

Whose servant was Canaan to be (v.26)? ___________________________________________

Who was God to enlarge (v.27)? __________________________________________________

Whose tents were Japheth to dwell in (v.27)? ________________________________________

Whose servant was Canaan to be in verse 27? _______________________________________

How long did Noah live after the flood (v.28)? ______________________________________

How many total years did Noah live (v.29)? _________________________________________

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