Hebrews 1


Who spoke to the fathers (Heb. 1:1)? ______________________________________________


By whom did God speak to the fathers (v.1)? ________________________________________


In the last days, by whom did God speak (v.2)? ______________________________________


What has God appointed His Son as (v.2)? __________________________________________


Through whom has God made the worlds (v.2)? ______________________________________


Whom is verse three talking about? ________________________________________________


Whose glory and whose image was the Son (v.3)? ____________________________________


How did the Son uphold all things (v.3)? ____________________________________________


Who purged our sins (v.3)? ______________________________________________________


At whose right hand did the Son sit (v.3)? __________________________________________


Who is the Son so much better than (v.4)? __________________________________________


How did the Son obtain a more excellent name than the angels (v.4)? _____________________


Did God ever call an angel His Son (v.5)? __________________________________________

Note: See Psalm 2:7.


What will God be to the Son (v.5)? ________________________________________________

Note: See 2 Samuel 7:14.


Who did God bring into the world (v.6)? ____________________________________________


Who were to worship the firstborn or firstbegotten(v.6)? ________________________________

Note: See Psalms 97:7.


What does God say of the angels (v.7)? _____________________________________________



Note: See Psalm 104:4.


What does God call the Son (v.8)? ________________________________________________


How long will the Son have His throne (v.8)? ________________________________________


What kind of scepter is the scepter of the Son's kingdom (v.8)? __________________________

Note: See Psalm 45:6.


What did the Son love (v.9)? _____________________________________________________


What did the Son hate (v.9)? _____________________________________________________


What does God call the Son in verse nine? __________________________________________


What has God done to God (v.9)? _________________________________________________


What was God anointed with (v.9)? ________________________________________________

Note: See Psalm 45:7.


What does God call the Son in verse ten? ___________________________________________


What did the Son lay (v.10)? _____________________________________________________


What are the work of the Lord's hands (v.10)? _______________________________________

Note: See Psalm 102:25.


What will happen to the Son when the rest will perish (v.11)? ____________________________


What will the rest grow old like (v.11)? _____________________________________________

Note: See Psalm 102:26.


While others change what will the Son be like (v.12)? _________________________________


What will not happen to the years of the Son (v.12)? __________________________________

Note: See Psalm 102:26-27.


Where did God have the Son sit (v.13)? ____________________________________________


What will God make of the Son's enemies (v.13)? _____________________________________

Note: See Psalm 110:1.


What are the angels called in verse fourteen? _________________________________________


Who are the ministering spirits to minister to (v.14)? ___________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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