Hebrews 10


What did the law have (Heb. 10:1)? _______________________________________________


What did the law not have (v.1)? _________________________________________________


What did they offer continually year by year (v.1)? ___________________________________


Who cannot be made perfect by the law with its sacrifices (v.1)? ________________________


If the law with its sacrifices could purify the worshipers, would there be a consciousness of sins


(v.2)? _______________________________________________________________________


What do those sacrifices remind them of (v.3)? ______________________________________


What could not take away sins (v.4)? ______________________________________________


What would God not desire (v.5)? ________________________________________________


What was prepared for God instead (v.5)? __________________________________________


What did God not have pleasure in (v.6)? ___________________________________________


Where is it written of me (v.7)? ___________________________________________________


What did he come to do (v.7)? ____________________________________________________

Note: See Psalm 40:6-8.


What was God's attitude toward sacrifice, burnt offerings and offerings for sins (v.8)? ________




What were these sacrifices offered by or according to (v.8)? _____________________________


What has the speaker said He has come to do (v.9)? ____________________________________


Why did He take away the first sacrifices (v.9)? _______________________________________


By what have we been sanctified (v.10)? _____________________________________________




How many times was Jesus offered for us to be sanctified (v.10)? _________________________


Jesus was offered for how many people (v.10)? _______________________________________


Who was doing the ministering and offering (v.11)? ___________________________________


How often did the priests minister and offer sacrifices (v.11)? ___________________________


What can never take away sins (v.11)? _____________________________________________


What was this Man's sacrifice for (v.12)? ___________________________________________


How many sacrifices did He make (v.12)? __________________________________________


How long was this sacrifice to last (v.12)? ___________________________________________


Where did this Man sit after His sacrifice (v.12)? _____________________________________


What is that Man waiting for (v.13)? _______________________________________________


Who was perfected by his one sacrifice (v.14)? _______________________________________


For how long are they perfected (v.14)? _____________________________________________


Who witnesses to us (v.15)? ______________________________________________________


What did the Holy Spirit say He would make with them (v.16)? _________________________


What will the Lord put in their hearts and their minds (v.16)? ___________________________


What will the Lord remember no more (v.17)? _______________________________________


In Jeremiah 31:33-34, Who does it say made this Quote? _______________________________

Note: In Hebrews 10:15 it says the Holy Spirit said it and in Jeremiah 31:33-34 it says the Lord said it. This is showing that the Holy Spirit is God.


Where there is remission of sins, what is there no longer a need for (v.18)? ________________




Where can we have boldness to enter (19)? _________________________________________


By what can we enter the Holiest (v.19)? ___________________________________________


What has He consecrated for us (v.20)? ____________________________________________


Through what did he consecrated for us (v.20)? ______________________________________


What is the veil to the Holy Place a symbol of (v.20)? _________________________________


What is the High Priest over (v.21)? _______________________________________________


What are we to draw near to God with (v.22)? _______________________________________


Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of _____________. (v.22)?


What are our hearts sprinkled from (v.22)? ___________________________________


Our bodies are washed with what (v.22)? ____________________________________


What are we to hold fast (v.23)? __________________________________________


Who is faithful (v.23)? _________________________________________________


Why are we to consider one another (v.24)? ___________________________________


What are we not to forsake (v.25)? _________________________________________


Who are we to exhort (v.25)? ____________________________________________


When are you to assemble and exhort one another more (v.25)? _____________________




What happens when we willfully sin after we have received the knowledge of the truth (v.26)? _




What shall devour the adversaries (v.27)? ____________________________________


Who died without mercy (v.28)? __________________________________________


How many witnesses were needed to put someone to death (v.28)? ___________________


Who have some people trodden or trampled underfoot (v.29)? ______________________


What has some people counted the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified (v.29)? __




What was done to the Spirit of grace (v.29)? __________________________________


If those who broke Moses' law were put to death, will those who take Christ's death on the cross


lightly by willful disobedience go unpunished (v.26-29)? __________________________


What is the first quote of God from the Old Testament (v.30)? ______________________



Note: See Deut. 32:35.


What is the second quote of God from the Old Testament (v.30)? ____________________



Note: See Deut. 32:36.


What is a fearful thing (v.31)? ____________________________________________________


What happened after they were illuminated (v.32)? ____________________________________


By what were they made a spectacle or a gazingstock (v.33)? ____________________________


Who were they partly companions of (v.33)? _________________________________________


What feeling did they have on the one who was in bonds or chains (v.34)? _________________


What did they accept or take joyfully (v.34)? _________________________________________


What did they know that they had (v.34)? ____________________________________________


What were they not to cast away (v.35)? ____________________________________________


What does their confidence have (v.35)? ____________________________________________


What did they have need of (v.36)? ________________________________________________


What would they receive after they have done the will of God (v.36)? _____________________


What will happen in a little while (v.37)? ___________________________________________


What shall the just live by (v.38)? _________________________________________________


What is God's attitude toward the person who draws back (v.38)? ________________________

Note: See Hab. 2:3-4.


What did they draw back to (v.39)? ________________________________________________


What do believers receive (v.39)? _________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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