Hebrews 11


What is faith (Heb. 11:1)? _______________________________________________________




What did the elders obtain by faith (v.2)? ___________________________________________


What do we understand through faith (v.3)? _________________________________________


What were the things that are seen not made of (v.3)? _________________________________


Who offered a more excellent sacrifice than Cain (v.4)? ________________________________


By what did Abel offer the more excellent sacrifice (v.4)? ______________________________


What did the sacrifice of Abel by faith witness about Abel (v.4)? ________________________


What happened to Enoch by faith so that he did not see death (v.5)? ______________________


Why was Enoch not found (v.5)? __________________________________________________


What was the testimony that Enoch had (v.5)? _______________________________________


It is impossible to please God without what (v.6)? ____________________________________


In order to come to God, what must he believe (v.6)? __________________________________


Who does God reward (v.6)? _____________________________________________________


What was Noah warned of God of (v.7)? ___________________________________________


What was Noah moved with to prepare an ark (v.7)? __________________________________


What did Noah become an heir to (v.7)? ____________________________________________


What does the righteousness come by (v.7)? _________________________________________


What was Abraham to receive at the place to which he was called (v.8)? ___________________


Did Abraham know where he was going (v.8)? _______________________________________


Where did Abraham dwell by faith (v.9)? ___________________________________________


Who were heirs with Abraham of the same promise (v.9)? ______________________________


What did Abraham wait for or look for (v.10)? _______________________________________


Who is the builder and maker of this city (v.10)? _____________________________________


By faith what did Sarah receive strength to do (v.11)? _________________________________


When did Sarah have a child (v.11)? _______________________________________________


Why was Sarah able to have a child in her old age (v.11)? ______________________________


Abraham was considered as good as what (v.12)? _____________________________________


How many were born to Abraham (v.12)? ___________________________________________


What did these all die in (v.13)? __________________________________________________


What did these all not receive (v.13)? ______________________________________________


Where did these all see the promises (v.13)? _________________________________________


What did these all confess themselves as being (v.13)? ________________________________


What do those that say such things seek (v.14)? ______________________________________


What did they have an opportunity to do (v.15)? _____________________________________


What do they desire (v.16)? _____________________________________________________


What is God not ashamed to be called (v.16)? _______________________________________


What has God prepared for them (v.16)? ____________________________________________


What did Abraham do by faith (v.17)? ______________________________________________


Who received the promises (v.17)? ________________________________________________


Abraham's seed shall be called in whom (v.18)? ______________________________________

Note: See Gen. 21:12.


What did Abraham believe God was able to do to Isaac(v.19)? ___________________________


Who did Isaac bless (v.20)? ______________________________________________________


What was the blessing concerning (v.20)? ___________________________________________


What did Jacob do by faith when he was dying (v.21)? _________________________________




What did Joseph mention by faith (v.22)? ___________________________________________


What did Joseph give commandment or instructions concerning (v.22)? ___________________


What did Moses's parents do by faith (v.23)? ________________________________________


What were Moses's parents not afraid of (v.23)? _____________________________________


By faith, what did Moses refuse to be called (v.24)? __________________________________


Who did Moses choose to suffer affliction with (v.25)? ________________________________


Moses chose to suffer affliction rather than to enjoy what (v.25)? ________________________


What did Moses esteem the reproach of Christ greater than (v.26)? _______________________


What did Moses look to or have respect unto (v.26)? __________________________________


What did Moses do by faith (v.27)? ________________________________________________


What did Moses not fear (v.27)? __________________________________________________


Who did Moses endure for (v.27)? _________________________________________________


By what did Moses keep the Passover (v.28)? ________________________________________


What would have happened if Moses did not keep the Passover and the sprinkling of blood




What did they pass through by faith (v.29)? _________________________________________


What happened to the Egyptians when they attempted to pass through the Red Sea (v.29)? ____




What fell down by faith (v.30)? ___________________________________________________


How many days was Jericho compassed or encircled (v.30)? ____________________________


By what did Rahab the harlot not perish (v.31)? ______________________________________


Who did Rahab receive by faith (v.31)? _____________________________________________


What men of faith did the author of Hebrews not have time to tell about (v.32)? _____________




What did these men of faith accomplish in verse 33? ___________________________________




What did some men of faith escape in verse 34? _______________________________________


Out of what were they made strong (v.34)? ___________________________________________


What did they turn to flight (v.34)? _________________________________________________


By faith what did the women receive (v.35)? _________________________________________


Why did some not accept deliverance from torture (v.35)? ______________________________


What were others’ trials of (v.36)? _________________________________________________




By what methods did some of the heros of faith die (v.37)? _____________________________




What did some of the heros of faith wear when they wandered in deserts (v.37)? ____________


What other trials did the heros of faith endure (v.37)? _________________________________


Who was not worthy of these people of faith (v.38)? __________________________________


Where did these people of faith wander (v.38)? ______________________________________


Through what did all these obtain a good testimony (v.39)? ____________________________


What did all these not receive (v.39)? ______________________________________________


What did God provide for us (v.40)? _______________________________________________


What did these people of faith need to be perfect (v.40)? _______________________________


How many verses in Chapter 11 start with the phrase “by faith?” _________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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