Hebrews 13

What should you let continue (Heb. 13:1)? __________________________________________

What should you not forget (v.2)? _________________________________________________

What have some done when they entertained strangers (v.2)? ___________________________

Who are you to remember (v.3)? __________________________________________________

To what extent are you to remember the prisoners (v.3)? _______________________________

What are the prisoners and yourselves also in (v.3)? __________________________________

What is honorable in all (v.4)? ___________________________________________________

What is to be undefiled (v.4)? ____________________________________________________

Who will God judge (v.4)? ______________________________________________________

What should be without covetousness (v.5)? _________________________________________

What should you be content with (v.5)? _____________________________________________

What has God said (v.5)? ________________________________________________________


Who is my helper (v.6)? _________________________________________________________

Because the Lord is my helper what will I not do (v.6)? ________________________________

Who are you to remember (v.7)? __________________________________________________

What are you to follow (v.7)? ____________________________________________________

What are you to consider (v.7)? ___________________________________________________

When is Jesus Christ the same (v.8)? _______________________________________________

What are you not to be carried about with (v.9)? ______________________________________

What is the heart to be established with (v.9)? ________________________________________

Who has no right to eat from the altar (v.10)? ________________________________________

What is the blood brought by the high priest for (v.11)? _______________________________

What happens to the bodies of the animals, whose blood is brought for sin (v.11)? __________


What did Jesus sanctify the people with (v.12)? ______________________________________

Where did Jesus suffer (v.12)? ____________________________________________________

Where do we go forth to Jesus (v.13)? ______________________________________________

What do we bear as we go forth to Jesus (v.13)? ______________________________________

What do we not have here (v.14)? _________________________________________________

What should we seek (v.14)? _____________________________________________________

What sacrifice are we to offer (v.15)? _______________________________________________

How often are we to offer this sacrifice (v.15)? ______________________________________

Who should we give thanks to (v.15)? ______________________________________________

What are you not to forget to do (v.16)? _____________________________________________

What are your sacrifices to God in verse sixteen? ______________________________________

Who are you to obey (v.17)? ______________________________________________________

What do those who rule over you watch out for (v.17)? ________________________________

What would be unprofitable for you (v.17)? _________________________________________

What do they trust or are confident that they have (v.18)? _______________________________

In all things what are they willing or desiring to do (v.18)? _____________________________

What does the author want to do sooner (v.19)? ______________________________________

Who brought Jesus from the dead (v.20)? ___________________________________________

What is our Lord Jesus called (v.20)? ______________________________________________

Through what did the God of peace bring from the dead our Lord Jesus (v.20)? _____________


The God of peace make you perfect or complete in what (vv.20-21)? _____________________

God makes you complete or perfect to do what (v.21)? ________________________________

To whom be the glory for ever and ever (v.21)? ______________________________________

What does the author want you to suffer or bear with (v.22)? ____________________________

What has the author written to them in (v.22)? _______________________________________

Who has been set free (v.23)? ____________________________________________________

Who is the author expecting to come shortly (v.23)? __________________________________

Who are they to greet (v.24)? _____________________________________________________

Who greets them (v.24)? ________________________________________________________

Grace be with whom (v.25)? _____________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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