Hebrews 2

What should we give earnest heed to (Heb. 2:1)? ____________________________________

What can happen if we don't take heed to the things we have heard (v.1)? _________________

What was the nature of the word spoken through or by angels (v.2)? _____________________

What did every transgression and disobedience receive (v.2)? __________________________

What will happen if we neglect so great a salvation (v.3)? ______________________________

Who spoke first about this salvation (v.3)? __________________________________________

Who confirmed the message of this salvation (v.3)? ___________________________________

With what did God bear witness of this salvation (v.4)? ________________________________


What will God not put into subjection of angels (v.5)? __________________________________

Who is God mindful of (v.6)? _____________________________________________________

Who does God visit or take care of (v.6)? ___________________________________________

Who has God made lower than the angels (v.6-7)? ____________________________________

What has God crowned man with (v.7)? ____________________________________________

What was put in subjection under man's feet (v.8)? ____________________________________

Note: See Ps. 8:4-6.

Are all things put under man yet (v.8)? _____________________________________________

What was Jesus made lower than (v.9)? ____________________________________________

Why was Jesus crowned with glory and honor (v.9)? __________________________________

Who did Jesus taste death for (v.9)? _______________________________________________

For God and by God are ________________________ (v.10).

God brings many sons to what (v.10)? _____________________________________________

Who does God make perfect through suffering (v.10)? _________________________________

He who sanctifies and they who are being sanctified are what (v.11)? _____________________

Jesus Christ is not ashamed to call them what (v.11)? __________________________________

Who will Jesus declare God's name to (v.12)? ________________________________________

What will Jesus sing to the Father (v.12)? ___________________________________________

Note: See Psalm 22:22.

What does Jesus put in the Father (v.13)? ___________________________________________

What has God given to Jesus (v.13)? _______________________________________________

Note: See Isaiah 8:17-18.

What have the children partaken of (v.14)? __________________________________________

What did Jesus share in (v.14)? ___________________________________________________

Who might Jesus destroy (v.14)? __________________________________________________

Who has the power of death (v.14)? _______________________________________________

Through what might Jesus destroy the devil (v.14)? ___________________________________

Who did Jesus release or deliver (v.15)? ____________________________________________

Through what were they subject to bondage (v.15)? ___________________________________

Who did Jesus not take on Him or who did Jesus not give aid to (v.16)? __________________

Note: The verb in this verse can mean to take on or to help.

Who did Jesus take on or give aid to (v.16)? _________________________________________

In all things, who was Jesus made like (v.17)? ________________________________________

What were the two purposes of Jesus being made like His brethren (v.17)? _________________


In what way did Jesus suffer (v.18)? ________________________________________________

What is Jesus now able to do for those who are tempted (v.18)? __________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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