Hebrews 3


What type of brethren are addressed in Heb. 3:1? ____________________________________


What type of calling do the brethren partake of (v.1)? ________________________________


What titles are given to Christ Jesus (v.1)? _________________________________________


Who are we to consider (v.1)? ___________________________________________________


What quality did Christ exhibit to God (v.2)? _______________________________________


What quality did Moses exhibit (v.2)? _____________________________________________


What was Christ counted more worthy of than Moses (v.3)? ___________________________


Why was Christ counted more worthy of glory than Moses (v.3)? _______________________


Who built all things (v.4)? ______________________________________________________


What role did Moses play in God's house (v.5)? _____________________________________


Moses' faithfulness was a testimony of what (v.5)? ___________________________________


What is Christ over (v.6)? ______________________________________________________


Who is Christ's house (v.6)? _____________________________________________________


What do we have to do to be a part of Christ's house (v.6)? _____________________________




Who is speaking in verse seven? __________________________________________________


What are you not to harden (v.8)? ________________________________________________


When did the Hebrews harden their hearts (v.8)? _____________________________________


What did their fathers do to the Lord (v.9)? _________________________________________


What did their fathers see (v.9)? __________________________________________________


Who was God angry or grieved with (v.10)? ________________________________________


What did God say of that generation (v.10)? ________________________________________




What did God swear in His wrath (v.11)? __________________________________________

Note: See Psalm 95:7-11.


What must the brethren beware of or take heed of (v.12)? _____________________________


Who is there a danger of departing from (v.12)? _____________________________________


When are you to exhort or encourage one another (v.13)? _____________________________


What is the purpose of exhorting one another (v.13)? _________________________________


How is the heart hardened (v.13)? ________________________________________________


Who do we become partakers of (v.14)? ___________________________________________


What is the condition in order to be partakers of Christ (v.14)? _________________________




What are you not to do today (v.15)? ______________________________________________


What did the Israelites do when they heard (v.16)? ___________________________________


How many heard and rebelled (v.16)? _____________________________________________


How long was the Lord angry with them (v.17)? _____________________________________


What happened to those who sinned (v.17)? _________________________________________


Who did God swear that they would not enter His rest (v.18)? ___________________________


Why could they not enter God's rest (v.19)? _________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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