Hebrews 7


What was Melchizedec king of (Heb. 7:1)? _________________________________________


Who was Melchizedec a priest of (v.1)? ____________________________________________


What did Melchizedec do for Abraham (v.1)? ________________________________________


What did Abraham give to Melchizedec (v.2)? _______________________________________


What all was Melchizedec king of in verse two? ______________________________________


What was Melchizedec without in verse three? _______________________________________


Who was Melchizedec like (v.3)? __________________________________________________


How long does Melchizedec remain or abide as a priest (v.3)? ___________________________


What shows that Melchizedec was a great man (v.4)? __________________________________


Who is to receive the priesthood in verse five? ________________________________________


What commandment does the sons of Levi have (v.5)? _________________________________


Who did the sons of Levi come from (v.5)? __________________________________________


Melchizedec did not descend from whom (vv.5-6)? ____________________________________


Who had the promises (v.6)? _____________________________________________________


Who is blessed by whom (v.7)? ___________________________________________________


Who receives tithes (v.8)? _______________________________________________________


What is witnessed about Melchizedec (v.8)? _________________________________________


Who did Levi pay tithes through (v.9)? _____________________________________________


Where was Levi when Melchizedec met Abraham (v.10)? _______________________________


What priesthood did not bring perfection (v.11)? _______________________________________


Why was there a need for another priest to arise according to the order of Melchizedec (v.11)? _




What must change when there is a change in the priesthood (v.12)? _______________________


What does He of whom these things are spoken belong or pertain to (v.13)? ________________


Has anyone from a tribe other than the tribe of Levi served at the alter (v.13)? _______________


What tribe did our Lord come from (v.14)? __________________________________________


Of what tribe did Moses not speak concerning the priesthood (v.14)? _____________________


In what likeness or similitude does another priest arise (v.15)? ___________________________


By what power has our Lord become a priest (v.16)? __________________________________


What does God testify of our Lord (v.17)? ___________________________________________



Note: See Psalm 110:4.


What has been annulled (v.18)? ___________________________________________________


Why has the former commandment been annulled (v.18)? _______________________________


What made nothing perfect (v.19)? _________________________________________________


On the other hand, what is there the bringing in of (v.19)? ______________________________


What can we do through this better hope (v.19)? _____________________________________


Our Lord became a priest with what (vv.20-21)? _____________________________________


Levites became priests without what (v.20-21)? ______________________________________


The Lord has sworn and will not _____________. (v.21)


For how long did the Lord swear He would be a priest (v.21)? __________________________

Note: See Psalm 110:4.


Jesus was the surety of what (v.22)? _______________________________________________


What was there many of (v.23)? __________________________________________________


Why were there many priests (v.23)? ______________________________________________


How long will Jesus continue (v.24)? ______________________________________________


What type of priesthood does Jesus have (v.24)? _____________________________________


To what extent is Jesus able to save (v.25)? _________________________________________


Through whom do we come to God (v.25)? _________________________________________


What does Jesus always live to do (v.25)? ___________________________________________


What type of High Priest is right for us (v.26)? _______________________________________




How often did the other high priests need to offer sacrifices (v.27)? _______________________


What did the other high priests have to offer sacrifices for first (v.27)? ____________________


Who else did the high priests offer sacrifices for (v.27)? ________________________________


How often did Jesus have to offer sacrifices (v.27)? ____________________________________


What did Jesus offer as a sacrifice (v.27)? ____________________________________________


Who was the sacrifice for (v.27)? __________________________________________________


What characteristic does the high priests who were appointed by the law have (v.28)? ________


What characteristic does the Son who was appointed by the oath have (v.28)? ______________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)


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