James 2

Who is James addressing (James 2:1)? _____________________________________________

What is Jesus Christ the Lord of (v.1)? _____________________________________________

How are we not to have or hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ (v.1)? __________________

What were the two different men wearing in verse two? _______________________________

Where did the two different men come into (v.2)? ____________________________________

In verse three how was the rich man treated? ________________________________________

In verse three how was the poor man treated? _______________________________________

What does verse four call the person who treats the rich and poor differently? _____


How are the brethren addressed (v.5)? _____________________________________________

What has God chosen the poor of this world for (v.5)? ________________________________

What has God promised to those who love Him (v.5)? ________________________________

What did the people who show partiality do to the poor (v.6)? __________________________

What does the rich do to people (v.6)? _____________________________________________

Who do the rich blaspheme (v.7)? _________________________________________________

By what name are you called (v.7)? ________________________________________________

What is the royal law (v.8)? ______________________________________________________

What must you fulfill to do well (v.8)? ______________________________________________

What is partiality or showing respect of persons called (v.9)? ____________________________

What makes a person a transgressor (v.9)? ___________________________________________

Who is guilty of all the law (v.10)? _________________________________________________

Did the law come by more than one person (v.11)? ____________________________________

How do you become a transgressor of the law (v.11)? ________________________________

What should influence what we do and speak (v.12)? _________________________________

What kind of law is mentioned in verse 12? _________________________________________

Who will have judgment with no mercy (v.13)? ______________________________________

What triumphs over judgment (v.13)? _____________________________________________

What does faith need with it in order to profit (v.14)? _________________________________

Note: Both questions in verse 14 expect a negative answer because of the way to original Greek is written. A person in this verse is making a claim to have faith without having any works as evidence of faith. The argument in verses 14-26 is that if there is no evidence of faith then that faith doesn't exist or is ineffectual.

What problem does the brother or sister face in verse 15? ______________________________

Are words enough for the situation in verses 15 & 16? ________________________________

What is needed to profit the brother or sister (v.16)? __________________________________

What is needed for faith to be alive (v.17)? __________________________________________

What is the faith without works considered (v.17)? ____________________________________

How can a person show that he has faith (v.18)? ______________________________________

Can a person prove he has faith without works? _______________________________________

What do the demons believe (v.19)? ________________________________________________

Are the demons going to heaven? __________________________________________________

What are you supposed to know (v.20)? _____________________________________________

What was Abraham justified by (v.21)? ______________________________________________

What work did Abraham do (v.21)? _________________________________________________

What two things worked together (v.22)? ____________________________________________

What made faith perfect (v.22)? ____________________________________________________

What happened when Abraham believed God (v.23)? ___________________________________

What was Abraham called (v.23)? _________________________________________________

How is a man justified (v.24)? ____________________________________________________

How was Rahab justified (v.25)? __________________________________________________

What work did Rahab do (v.25)? __________________________________________________

What happens to the body without the spirit (v.26)? ___________________________________

What happens to faith without works (v.26)? _________________________________________

Do you think God is convinced that a person has faith if he doesn't have works? _____________

What evidence do you have of your faith? ___________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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