James 4

Where do wars and fights come from (James 4:1)? ___________________________________

How do people try to obtain things (v.2)? __________________________________________

Why do people not have things (v.2)? _____________________________________________

Why do people not receive (v.3)? ________________________________________________

What is the motive behind some prayers (v.3)? ______________________________________

What are the readers called in verse 4? ____________________________________________

What are the readers having an affair with (v.4)? ____________________________________

Who is the enemy of God (v.4)? _________________________________________________

Where does the Spirit dwell (v.5)? _______________________________________________

What does the Spirit do (v.5)? __________________________________________________

What does God give in verse six? ________________________________________________

Who does God resist (v.6)? _____________________________________________________

Who does God give grace to (v.6)? ______________________________________________

Who are you commanded to submit to (v.7)? _______________________________________

Who are you commanded to resist (v.7)? __________________________________________

What two things are required to make the devil flee (v.7)? _____________________________


What will happen when you draw near to God (v.8)? _________________________________

Who should cleanse their hands (v.8)? ____________________________________________

What should the double minded do (v.8)? _________________________________________

What should the sinners and double minded do (v.9)? ________________________________


In whose sight do we humble ourselves (v.10)? ___________________________________

What will the Lord do when we humble ourselves (v.10)? ___________________________

What does verse eleven tell you not to do? _______________________________________

Who speaks evil of the law and judges the law (v.11)? ______________________________

What is a person not doing if he is judging the law (v.11)? ___________________________

What is the law giver able to do (v.12)? __________________________________________

Are you in a position to judge another (v.12)? _____________________________________

Can you be certain what you will do tomorrow (v.13-14)? ____________________________

What is your life (v14)? _______________________________________________________

How should we speak about our plans for tomorrow (v.15)? __________________________

What were they rejoicing or boasting in (v.16)? ____________________________________

What is evil according to verse sixteen? ___________________________________________

What did the person know (v.17)? _______________________________________________

What is sin in verse seventeen? __________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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