Philippians 1


Who was with Paul when he wrote this letter (Phil. 1:1)? ______________________________


What did Paul call himself (v. 1)? ________________________________________________


Who did Paul write to (v.1)? ____________________________________________________


What is from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (v.2)? __________________________


Who did Paul thank (v.3)? ______________________________________________________


When did Paul thank God (v.3)? _________________________________________________


Who did Paul pray for (v.4)? ____________________________________________________


What did Paul do with joy (v.4)? _________________________________________________


What is your fellowship in (v.5)? _________________________________________________


What was Paul confident in (v.6)? ________________________________________________


When will God's work in us be complete (v.6)? _____________________________________


Where did Paul have the Philippians (v.7)? _________________________________________


What does the Philippians share in or partake of with Paul (v.7)? _______________________


What is God a witness of (v.8)? _________________________________________________


Whose affection does Paul use to care for the Philippians (v.8)? ________________________


What is Paul's prayer (v.9)? ____________________________________________________


In what ways were their love to abound (v.9)? _____________________________________


What are you to approve or discern (v.10)? _______________________________________


What are you to be until the day of Christ (v.10)? ___________________________________


What are you to be filled with (v.11)? _____________________________________________


By whom are we to do the fruits of righteousness (v.11)? _____________________________


Who gets the glory and praise from the fruits of righteousness done (v.11)? _______________


What turned out for the furtherance of the gospel (v.12)? ___________________________


What did the whole palace guard realize (v.13)? __________________________________


What impact did Paul's chains or imprisonment have on the brethren (v.14)? ____________




What did the brethren speak of (v14)? __________________________________________


What were the two motives behind preaching Christ (v.15)? _________________________


What did Paul say about those who preached Christ from envy and strife (vv.15-17)? _____




What were those who preached Christ from selfish ambition trying to do (vv.16-17)? ______




What was those who preach Christ from goodwill doing it out of (vv.15-17)? ____________


What was Paul defending (vv.16-17)? ___________________________________________


In what ways was Christ preached (v.18)? ________________________________________


In what did Paul rejoice (v.18)? ________________________________________________


Through what was Paul delivered (v.19)? ________________________________________


In what shall Paul be ashamed (v.20)? ___________________________________________


Who will Paul magnify in his body (v.20)? ________________________________________


In what two possible states could Paul magnify Christ (v.20)? ________________________


For to me, to live is ____________ and to __________ is ___________ (v.21).


What will it mean for Paul to live on in the flesh (v.22)? ______________________________

What two things were Paul having a hard time choosing from (vv.22-24)? ________________


What did Paul say was better (v.23)? _____________________________________________


If departing to be with Christ is far better, should we fear death? _______________________


What was more needful for the believers (v.24)? ____________________________________


What was Paul confident of (v.25)? _____________________________________________


How would the Philippians benefit from Paul's remaining and continuing with them (v.25)? __




What would be more abundant by Paul coming to them again (v.26)? ____________________


What was their conduct to be worthy of (v.27)? _____________________________________


What did Paul want to hear about concerning the Philippian believers (v.27)? ______________


What were they not to be terrified by (v.28)? ________________________________________


What does opposition to believers show or prove to the adversaries (v.28)? ________________


What does opposition to believers show or prove to the believers (v.28)? __________________


In whose behalf was the gift or grant (v.29)? ________________________________________


What has been granted to the believers on behalf of Christ (v.29)? ________________________

Note: The word "granted" has the idea of giving a favor.


What did they see in Paul and hear is in Paul (v.30)? ___________________________________


What were the Philippians having in Phil. 1:30? _______________________________________


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