Philippians 2

What are the benefits of being in Christ (Phil. 2:1)? ___________________________________


How could the Philippians fill Paul's joy (v.2)? _______________________________________


What motive should we not have when we do things (v.3)? _____________________________

What attitude should we have (v.3)? _______________________________________________

What should we look out for (v.4)? ________________________________________________

What mind should be in you (v.5)? _________________________________________________

What form was Christ in (v.6)? ___________________________________________________

Who was Christ equal with (v.6)? _________________________________________________

What did Christ make Himself (v.7)? _______________________________________________

What form did Christ take (v.7)? __________________________________________________

Whose likeness was Christ in (v.7)? ________________________________________________

Whose likeness did He find Himself (v.8)? ___________________________________________

What did Christ do to Himself (v.8)? _______________________________________________

To what extent was Christ obedient (v.8)? __________________________________________

What has God done for Jesus (v.9)? _______________________________________________

Why has God exalted Jesus (v.8-9)? _______________________________________________

What will happen at the name of Jesus (v.10)? _______________________________________

What are the locations of those who will bow the knee (v.10)? __________________________

What will every tongue confess (v.11)? ____________________________________________

Who will be glorified when a person confesses Jesus as Lord (v.11)? _____________________

When did the beloved brethren obey (v.12)? ________________________________________

What were they to work out (v.12)? ______________________________________________

With what were they to work out their own salvation (v.12)? __________________________

Who works in you (13)? _______________________________________________________

In what two areas of our lives are we to do God's good pleasure or purpose(v.13) _________


How many things are we to do without complaining and disputing (v14)? ________________

What type of person are we to become (v.15)? _____________________________________

What type of a generation do we live in (v.15)? ____________________________________

What are you to shine as (v.15)? ________________________________________________

Where are you to shine (v.15)? _________________________________________________

What are you to hold onto (v.16)? ______________________________________________

When will Paul rejoice (v.16)? __________________________________________________

Why would Paul rejoice in the day of Christ (v.16)? _________________________________

Where is Paul being poured out or offered upon (v.17)? ______________________________

What is Paul glad and rejoicing about (v.17)? ______________________________________

Who also should be glad and rejoice (v.18)? _______________________________________

Who was Paul going to send (v.19)? _____________________________________________

What did Paul want to accomplish in sending Timothy (v.19)? _________________________

What would Timothy do for the Philippians (v.20)? _________________________________

What is everyone seeking (v.21)? _______________________________________________

What is everyone not seeking (v.21)? ____________________________________________

What did the Philippians know of Timothy (v.22)? __________________________________

What relationship did Paul liken his relationship to Timothy (v.22)? ______________________

What did Timothy serve Paul in (v.22)? ____________________________________________

Who was Paul going to send (v.23)? ______________________________________________

When was Paul sending Timothy (v.23)? ___________________________________________

What was Paul trusting would happen (v.24)? _______________________________________

Who did Paul send (25)? ________________________________________________________

How is Epaphroditus described (v.25)? ____________________________________________

What did Epaphroditus minister to (v.25)? __________________________________________

Why was Epaphroditus distressed (v.26)? __________________________________________

How sick was Epaphroditus (v.27)? _______________________________________________

What did God have on Epaphroditus and Paul (v.27)? _________________________________

What would Paul have if God did not show mercy (v.27)? ______________________________

Why did Paul send Epaphroditus (v.28)? ____________________________________________

How should the Philippians receive Epaphroditus (v.29)? _______________________________

Why did Epaphroditus come close to death (v.30)? ____________________________________

Why did Epaphroditus risk his life (v.30)? ___________________________________________

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