Philippians 3

What are the brethren commanded to rejoice in (Phil. 3:1)? ____________________________

What is the advantage of Paul writing the same things to them (v.1)? ____________________

Who were the Philippians to beware of (v.2)? ______________________________________

What are three characteristics of the true circumcision (v.3)? __________________________


What are we to have no confidence in (v.3)? _______________________________________

What could Paul have had confidence in (v.4)? ______________________________________

What are some of the reasons Paul could have had confidence in the flesh (vv.4-6)? _________


When was Paul circumcised (v.5)? ________________________________________________

What tribe was Paul born into (v.5)? _______________________________________________

What school of law was Paul a part of (v.5)? ________________________________________

How did Paul demostrate zeal (v.6)? _______________________________________________

In what way was Paul blameless or faultless (v.6)? ____________________________________

What did Paul count loss for Christ (v.7)? ___________________________________________

Who did Paul count these things loss for (v.7)? _______________________________________

What does Paul count as loss in verse eight? _________________________________________

For what is Paul willing to count all things as loss (v.8)? _______________________________

For whom did Paul suffer the loss of all things (v.8)? __________________________________

What did Paul count or consider as rubbish or dung (v.8)? ______________________________

What did Paul want to gain (v.8)? _________________________________________________

Who did Paul want to be found in (v.9)? ____________________________________________

What righteousness did Paul not want to have (v.9)? __________________________________

What type of righteousness did Paul want (v.9)? _____________________________________

Who did Paul want to know (v.10)? _______________________________________________

What power did Paul want to know (v.10)? _________________________________________

What fellowship did Paul want to know (v.10)? ______________________________________

What did Paul want to be conformed to (v.10)? ______________________________________

What did Paul want to attain to (v.11)? _____________________________________________

Has Paul already attained or perfected (v.12)? ________________________________________

What does Paul want to lay hold of or apprehend(v.12)? ________________________________

What did Paul do to lay hold of or apprehend that for which Christ apprehended him (v.12)? ____

What was Paul forgetting (v.13)? ___________________________________________________

What was Paul reaching forward to (v.13)? ___________________________________________

What goal or mark does Paul press toward (v.14)? _____________________________________

What group of people is Paul addressing in verse 15? ___________________________________

If someone has a different opinion or mindset what will God do (v.15)? ____________________

To what degree are we to walk or live (v.16)? ________________________________________

Whose example are we to follow (v.17)? ____________________________________________

Who are we to take note of (v.17)? ________________________________________________

Who did Paul tell the Philippians about (v.18)? _______________________________________

With what emotion did Paul tell the Philippians (v.18)? _________________________________

Whose enemies are they (v.18)? ___________________________________________________

What is the end of these enemies (v.19)? ____________________________________________

What is their god (v.19)? ________________________________________________________

Where is their glory (v.19)? _____________________________________________________

Where did the enemies of the cross of Christ set their minds (v.19)? _____________________

Where is our citizenship (v.20)? _________________________________________________

Where will the Savior come from (v.20)? __________________________________________

Who is the Savior (v.20)? ______________________________________________________

What will Christ do to our lowly body (v.21)? ______________________________________

By what works or power is Christ able to transform us (v.21)? __________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (

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