Psalm 13

What does David feel the Lord has done to him (Ps. 13:1)? _____________________________

How long does it seem to David that God has forgotten him (v.1)? _______________________

What has the Lord hidden from David (v.1)? ________________________________________

Where does David take counsel (v.2)? _____________________________________________

What does David have in his heart (v.2)? ___________________________________________

Who is exalted over David (v.2)? _________________________________________________

What does he want enlightened (v.3)? ______________________________________________

What type of sleep might David sleep (v.3)? _________________________________________

What did David not want his enemies to say (v.4)? ____________________________________

What did David not want those who trouble him to do when he was moved (v.4)? ___________

What did David trust in (v.5)? ____________________________________________________

What did David's heart rejoice in (v.5)? ____________________________________________

Who will David sing to (v.6)? ____________________________________________________

Why will David sing to the Lord (v.6)? _____________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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