Psalm 15

David asked who shall abide in where (Ps. 15:1)? _______________________________

David asked who shall dwell in where (v.1)? ____________________________________

How is he to walk (v.2)? ______________________________________________________

What is he to work (v.2)? _____________________________________________________

What is he to speak (v.2)? ____________________________________________________

What is he not to do with his tongue (v.3)? _____________________________________

What is he not to do to his neighbor (v.3)? ______________________________________

Who is a vile person viewed in this eyes (v.4)? __________________________________

How does he treat those who fear the Lord (v.4.)? _______________________________

What is he to do and not change (v.4)? _________________________________________

What is he not to put out for usury or interest (v.5)? _____________________________

What is he not to take against the innocent (v.5)? _______________________________

Who will never be moved (v.5)? ________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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