Psalm 16

What does David want God to do for him (Ps.16:1)? _____________________________

In Whom does David put his trust (v.1)? _______________________________________

Who is speaking to the Lord (v.2)? _____________________________________________

Whose lord is the LORD (v.2)? ________________________________________________

What does David say about his goodness (v.2)? _________________________________

Where are the saints (v.3)? ___________________________________________________

Who does David delight in (v.3)? ______________________________________________

What happens to them who hastens after another god (v.4)? _____________________

What will David not offer (v.4)? _______________________________________________

What will David not take into his lips (v.4)? ____________________________________

Who is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup (v.5)? ______________________

Who maintains my lot (v.5)? __________________________________________________

The lines have fallen unto me in where (v.6)? __________________________________

What type of of heritage do I have (v.6)? _______________________________________

Who will I bless (v.7)? ________________________________________________________

Who has given me counsel (v.7)? ______________________________________________

What instructs me in the night seasons (v.7)? __________________________________

Who do I set before me (v.8)? _________________________________________________

How often do I set the Lord before me (v.8)? ____________________________________

Why shall I not be moved (v.8)? _______________________________________________

Why is my heart glad, and my glory rejoices (vv.8-9)? ___________________________

My flesh shall rest in where (v.9)? _____________________________________________

Where will the Lord not leave my soul (v.10)? __________________________________

What will the Lord not allow His Holy One to see (v.10)? ________________________

What will the Lord show me (v.11)? ___________________________________________

Where is fulness of joy (v.11)? _________________________________________________

What is at the Lord's right hand (v.11)? _______________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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