Psalm 18

Who does David love (Psalm 18:1)? ____________________________________________

What does David call the Lord (v.1)? __________________________________________

What does David call the Lord (v.2)? __________________________________________


Who is worthy to be praised (v.3)? _____________________________________________

Who is David saved from (v.3)? _______________________________________________

What did the sorrows or pangs of death do (v.4)? _______________________________

What made David afraid (v.4)? ________________________________________________

What surrounded or compassed about David (v.5)? _____________________________

What did the snares of death do (v.5)? _________________________________________

What did David do in his distress (v.6)? ________________________________________

Where did the Lord hear David (v.6)? __________________________________________

What did the earth do (v.7)? __________________________________________________

What did the foundations of the hills do (v.7)? __________________________________

Why did the earth and hills do this (v.7)? ______________________________________

What went out of the Lord's nostrils (v.8)? _____________________________________

What went out of the Lord's mouth (v.8)? ______________________________________

What did the fire from His mouth do to the coals (v.8)? __________________________

What did the Lord do to the heavens (v.9)? _____________________________________

What was under the Lord's feet (v.9)? _________________________________________

What did the Lord ride on (v.10)? _____________________________________________

What did the Lord do on the wings of the wind (v.10)? __________________________

What did the Lord make darkness into (v.11)? _________________________________

What was his pavilion or canopy (v.11)? _______________________________________

What resulted from the brightness before Him (v.12)? __________________________

Where did the Lord thunder (v.13)? ___________________________________________

Who uttered His voice (v.13)? _________________________________________________

What did the Lord send out (v.14)? ____________________________________________

What happened to His foes (v.14)? ____________________________________________

What happened at the Lord's rebuke (v.15)? ___________________________________


What did the Lord draw David out of (v.16)? ___________________________________

What did the Lord deliver David from (v.17)? __________________________________

Who was too strong for David (v.17)? __________________________________________

What happened on the day of David's calamity (v.18)? __________________________

What was the Lord to David on the day of his calamity (v.18)? ___________________

Where did the Lord bring David (v.19)? ________________________________________

Why did the Lord deliver David (v.19)? ________________________________________

According to what did the Lord reward David (20)? _____________________________

According to what has the Lord recompensed David (v.20)? ______________________

Whose ways has David kept (v.21)? ____________________________________________

Who did David not wickedly depart from (v.21)? ________________________________

What was before David (v.22)? ________________________________________________

What did David not put away from him (v.22)? _________________________________

What was David's state before Him (v.23)? _____________________________________

What did David keep himself from (v.23)? _____________________________________

What did the Lord do according to David's righteousness (v.24)? _________________

What was in the Lord's sight (v.24)? ___________________________________________

With whom will the Lord show Himself merciful (v.25)? _________________________

With whom will the Lord show Himself upright or blameless (v.25)? _____________

To whom will the Lord show Himself pure (v.26)? _______________________________

How will the Lord show Himself to the froward or devious (v.26)? ________________

Who will the Lord save (v.27)? _________________________________________________

What will the Lord bring down (v.27)? _________________________________________

What will the Lord light (v.28)? _______________________________________________

What will the Lord enlighten (v.28)? __________________________________________

By the Lord, David could do what against a troop (v.29)? ________________________

By the Lord David could do what to a wall (v.29)? ______________________________

What is God's way like (v.30)? ________________________________________________

The word of the Lord is what (v.30)? ___________________________________________

What is the Lord to all those who trust in Him (v.30)? ___________________________

Who is God (v.31)? ___________________________________________________________

Who is a rock (v.31)? _________________________________________________________

Who arms or girds me with strength (v.32)? ____________________________________

Who makes my way perfect (v.32)? ____________________________________________

What does He make my feet like (v.33)? _______________________________________

Where does the Lord set us (v.33)? ____________________________________________

What does the Lord teach my hands (v.34)? ____________________________________

What my arms do to a bow (v.34)? _____________________________________________

What type of shield does the Lord give (v.35)? __________________________________

What holds me up (v.35)? _____________________________________________________

What has made me great (v.35)? ______________________________________________

What did the Lord enlarge (v.36)? _____________________________________________

What did not slip (v.36)? _____________________________________________________

What did David overtake (v.37)? ______________________________________________

What did David not do until his enemies were destroyed or consumed (v.37)? _____


Why couldn't they rise (v.38)? _________________________________________________

Where have they fallen (v.38)? ________________________________________________

What has the Lord girded or armed David with strength for (v.39)? _______________

Who did the Lord subdue (v.39)? _______________________________________________

What did the Lord give to David (v.40)? ________________________________________

What was the purpose of the Lord giving David his enemies (v.40)? ______________

Was there anyone to save David's enemies (v.41)? ______________________________

Who would not answer David's enemies (v.41)? _________________________________

To what extent did David beat his enemies (v.42)? ______________________________

What did the Lord deliver David from (v.43)? __________________________________

Who did the Lord make David the head of (v.43)? _______________________________

What will the enemies do when they hear of David (v.44)? _______________________

What will the strangers or foreigners do (v.45)? ________________________________

Who is to be blessed (v.46)? ___________________________________________________

Who is to be exalted (v.46)? ___________________________________________________

Who avenges and subdues the people (v.47)? ___________________________________

Who did the Lord deliver David from (v.48)? ___________________________________

Who did the Lord raise David above (v.48)? ____________________________________

Why did David give thanks (vv.48-49)? ________________________________________

Who did David sing praises to (v.49)? __________________________________________

Who does the Lord give great deliverance to (v.50)? _____________________________

To whom does the Lord show mercy (v.50)? ____________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
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