Psalm 22


Who is the Psalm written by (Psalm 22 prescript)? __________________________________


Who does David feel has forsaken him (v.1)? ______________________________________


Who also said this in Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34? _______________________________


He felt God was so far from doing what (v.1)? _____________________________________


When does he cry to God (v.2)? _________________________________________________


Does God hear or answer (v.2)? _________________________________________________


How is God described (v.3)? ____________________________________________________


Who trusted in God (v.4)? ______________________________________________________


What happen when our fathers trusted in God (v.4)? _________________________________


What happened when our fathers cried to God (v.5)? _________________________________


What happened when they trusted in God (v.5)? _____________________________________


What does he say he is (v.6)? ____________________________________________________


How is he treated by people (v.6)? ________________________________________________


What do all who see him do (v.7)? _______________________________________________


What do they do with their head (v.7)? ____________________________________________


Who did he trust in (v.8)? _______________________________________________________


Who should deliver him (v.8)? ___________________________________________________

Note: See Matthew 27:42-43.


What did the Lord take him out of (v.9)? ___________________________________________


When did the Lord make him hope or trust (v.9)? ____________________________________


From where was he cast upon God (v.10)? __________________________________________


From where has God been his God (v.10)? __________________________________________


He does not want God to be far from whom (v.11)? __________________________________


What is near (v.11)? ___________________________________________________________


Who is there to help (v.11)? _____________________________________________________


What has compassed or surrounded me (v.12)? ______________________________________


What were those who opened their mouth like (v.13)? _________________________________


What is he poured out like (v.14)? ________________________________________________


What are out of joint (v.14)? ____________________________________________________


What is his heart like (v.14)? ____________________________________________________


What is his strength like (v.15)? __________________________________________________


What is his tongue like (v.15)? ___________________________________________________


Where has God brought him (v.15)? _______________________________________________


What has compassed or surrounded him (v.16)? _____________________________________


What has enclosed him (v.16)? ___________________________________________________


What have they pierced (v.16)? ___________________________________________________


What can or may he do with his bones (v.17)? _______________________________________


What do they do with his garments and clothing or vesture (v.18)? _______________________

Note: See John 19:23-24.


Who did he not want to be far away (v.19)? _________________________________________


What did he want the Lord to do for him (v.19)? _____________________________________


What did he want his soul delivered from (v.20)? ____________________________________


What did he want delivered from the power of the dog (v.20)? __________________________


What did he want to be saved from (v.21)? _________________________________________


Who will he tell the Lord's name to (v.22)? _________________________________________


Where will he praise the Lord (v.22)? ______________________________________________


Who is to praise the Lord (v.23)? _________________________________________________


Who is to glorify Him (v.23)? ____________________________________________________


Who is to fear Him (v.23)? ______________________________________________________


What has the Lord not despised nor abhorred (v.24)? __________________________________


Who did the Lord not hide his face from (v.24)? _____________________________________


Where shall his praise be (v.25)? _________________________________________________


He will pay his vows before whom (v.25)? _________________________________________


Who shall eat and be satisfied (v.26)? _____________________________________________


What shall live forever (v.26)? ___________________________________________________


Who shall remember and turn to the Lord (v.27)? ____________________________________


Who will worship before the Lord (v.27)? __________________________________________


What belongs to the Lord (v.28)? _________________________________________________


What is He the ruler or governor over (v.28)? _______________________________________


Who shall eat and worship (v.29)? ________________________________________________


Who shall bow before Him (v.29)? ________________________________________________


Who shall serve Him (v.30)? _____________________________________________________


They shall declare His righteousness to whom (v.31)? _________________________________

This Psalm describes what it was like for Christ while he was on the cross.

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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