Psalm 23


What is the Lord to us (Ps. 23:1)? _________________________________________________


Will we have any wants (v.1)? ____________________________________________________


Where does He make us lie down (v.2)? ____________________________________________


Where does He lead us (v.2)? _____________________________________________________


What does He do for our soul (v.3)? _______________________________________________


Where does He lead us (v.3)? _____________________________________________________


For whose sake does He lead us in paths of righteousness (v.3)? _________________________


What valley might we be walking through (v.4)? _____________________________________


What will we not fear (v.4)? _____________________________________________________


Why do we not fear while walking through the valley of death (v.4)? _____________________


What comforts us (v.4)? _________________________________________________________


Where does the Lord prepare a table for us (v.5)? _____________________________________


What does the Lord anoint our head with (v.5)? ______________________________________


What happens to our cup (v.5)? ___________________________________________________


What will follow us all the days of our lives (v.6)? ____________________________________


Where will we dwell forever (v.6)? ________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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