Psalm 27


What is the Lord (Psalm 27:1)? ___________________________________________________


Should we be afraid in light of who the Lord is (v.1)? _________________________________


What did the wicked come against David to do (v.2)? _________________________________


What happened to David's enemies (v.2)? ___________________________________________


When does David's heart not fear (v.3)? ____________________________________________


When will David be confident (v.3)? _______________________________________________


What three things did David desire of the Lord (v.4)? __________________________________




Where will the Lord hide David in the time of trouble (v.5)? ____________________________


Where shall the Lord set him (v.5)? ________________________________________________


What shall his head be lifted above (v.6)? ___________________________________________


What type of sacrifices will David offer in God's tabernacle (v.6)? _______________________


What will he sing to the Lord (v.6)? _______________________________________________


When does he want the Lord to hear (v.7)? __________________________________________


What does he want the Lord to have on him (v.7)? ____________________________________


When the Lord said, "Seek My face", What did David's heart say (v.8)? ___________________




What does David not want the Lord to hide from him (v.9)? ____________________________


Who does David not want to be turned away in anger (v.9)? ____________________________


What is He the God of (v.9)? _____________________________________________________


Who will take care of you when your father and mother forsake you (v.10)? _______________


What does he tell the Lord to teach him (v.11)? ______________________________________


What did he tell the Lord to lead him in (v.11)? ______________________________________


Whose will does he not want to be delivered to (v.12)? ________________________________


What has risen against him (v.12)? ________________________________________________


What did he believe he would see (v.13)? ___________________________________________


Who are we to wait on (v.14)? ____________________________________________________


What shall the Lord strengthen (v.14)? _____________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

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