Psalm 30


What is being dedicated (prescript)? _______________________________________________


Who is being extolled (Ps. 1:1)? __________________________________________________


Who lifted David up (v.1)? ______________________________________________________


The Lord did not let whom rejoice over David (v.1)? __________________________________


Who did David cry out to (v.2)? __________________________________________________


What did the Lord do for David (v.2)? _____________________________________________


What did the Lord bring David's soul up from (v.3)? __________________________________


Where did David not go (v.3)? ___________________________________________________


Who is told to sing unto the Lord (v.4)? ____________________________________________


When are you to give thanks (v.4)? ________________________________________________


How long does the Lord's anger last (v.5? ___________________________________________


His favor is _________________________ (v.5)?


How long does weeping endure (v.5)? _____________________________________________


What comes in the morning (v.5)? _________________________________________________


What was said in prosperity (v.6)? ________________________________________________




What was done by the Lord's favor (v.7)? ___________________________________________


How did David feel when the Lord hid His face (v.7)? _________________________________


Who did he cry out to (v.8)? _____________________________________________________


What did David make to the Lord (v.8)? ____________________________________________


What will David not do when his body is in the pit (v.9)? ______________________________


What did David want the Lord to have on him (v.10? __________________________________


What did David want the Lord to be to him (v.10)? ___________________________________


What did the Lord turn the mourning into (v.11)? _____________________________________


What did the Lord replace the sackcloth with (v.11)? __________________________________


David wanted his glory to sing praises to whom (v.12)? ________________________________


What will David give to the Lord (v.12)? ___________________________________________


How long will David give praise to the Lord (v.12)? __________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

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