Psalm 32


Who wrote the psalm (prescript)? _________________________________________________


Who is blessed (Ps. 32:1)? _______________________________________________________


What is covered (v.1)? __________________________________________________________


What does the Lord do for the man who is blessed (v.2)? _______________________________


What is not in the spirit of that man (v.2)? __________________________________________


What did David keep (v.3)? ______________________________________________________


David's bones grew old through what (v.3)? _________________________________________


When was the Lord's hand heavy on David (v.4)? ____________________________________


What turned into the drought of summer (v.4)? ______________________________________


Who did David acknowledge his sin to (v.5)? ________________________________________


What did David do with his transgressions (v.5)? _____________________________________


What did the Lord do with the iniquity of David's sin (v.5)? ____________________________


What shall everyone who is godly do (v.6)? _________________________________________


When shall they pray (v.6)? ______________________________________________________


What shall not come near the godly (v.6)? __________________________________________


What does David call the Lord (v.7)? ______________________________________________


What shall the Lord preserve David from (v.7)? ______________________________________


What will the the Lord surround David with (v.7)? ____________________________________


What will the Lord teach you in (v.8)? _____________________________________________


What will the Lord guide you with (v.8)? ___________________________________________


What should you not be like (v.9)? ________________________________________________


What is the bit and bridle for (v.9)? ________________________________________________


What shall be to the wicked (v.10)? ________________________________________________


What will those who trust in the Lord get (v.10)? _____________________________________


Who are we to be glad in (v.11)? __________________________________________________


Who is to rejoice (v.11)? ________________________________________________________


Who is to shout for joy (v.11)? ___________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

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