Psalm 4


What is God the God of (ps.4:1)? ____________________________________________


What did God do in my distress (v.1)? ________________________________________


What does David want God to do for him (v.1)? _________________________________


What were the sons of men doing (v.2)? _______________________________________




Who has the Lord set apart (v.3)? ____________________________________________


What are you not to do (v.4)? _______________________________________________


What are you to do with your heart (v.4)? _____________________________________


What type of sacrifices are you to offer (v.5)? __________________________________


Where are you to put your trust (v.5)? _________________________________________


What does David pray that the Lord will lift up (v.6)? ____________________________


What has the Lord put in David's heart (v.7)? ___________________________________


What does David compare his gladness to (v.7)? ________________________________




What will he lay down in (v.8)? ______________________________________________


Who alone makes you dwell in safety (v.8)? ____________________________________


By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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