Psalm 5


Who is David addressing (Ps.5:1)? _____________________________________________


What does David want the Lord to consider (v.1)? _________________________________


What is the Lord called in verse 2? _____________________________________________


When will the Lord hear David's voice (v.3)? _____________________________________


What does God not take pleasure in (v.4)? ________________________________________


What will not dwell with God (v.4)? ____________________________________________


Who will not stand in God's sight (v.5)? __________________________________________


Who does God hate (v.5)? _____________________________________________________


Who shall God destroy (v.6)? __________________________________________________


Who will the Lord abhor (v.6)? _________________________________________________


Where will David come into (v.7)? ______________________________________________


In what does David worship toward God's holy temple (v.7)? _________________________


Why does David need to be led in the Lord's righteousness (v.8)? ______________________


What is not in the wicked's mouth (v.9)? __________________________________________


What is in their inward part (v.9)? _______________________________________________


How is their throat described (v.9)? ______________________________________________


How does David say they should fall (v.10)? _______________________________________


Who have they rebelled against (v.10)? ____________________________________________


Who should rejoice (v.11)? _____________________________________________________


What should happen to those who love God's name (v.11)? ____________________________


Who will the Lord bless (v.12)? _________________________________________________


How will the Lord compass or surround the righteous (v.12)? __________________________


By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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