Psalm 9


What will David praise the Lord with (Ps. 9:1)? ______________________________________


What will David show forth or tell of (v.1)? _________________________________________


What will David be glad and rejoice in (v.2)? ________________________________________


What will David sing praise to (v.2)? _______________________________________________


Who are turned back (v.3)? _______________________________________________________


What shall the enemies fall and perish at (v.3)? _______________________________________


What has God maintained (v.4)? ___________________________________________________


What did God do when He sat on the throne (v.4)? _____________________________________


Who did God rebuke (v.5)? _______________________________________________________


Who did God destroy (v.5)? ______________________________________________________


What did God do to the enemies names (v.5)? _______________________________________


What are to happen to the destructions (v.6)? ________________________________________


What have the enemies destroyed (v.6)? ____________________________________________


What also has perished (v.6)? ____________________________________________________


Who shall endure forever (v.7)? __________________________________________________


What has the Lord prepared His throne for (v.7)? _____________________________________


What will the Lord judge (v.8)? ___________________________________________________


The Lord shall minister judgment to the people in what (v.8)? ___________________________


Who will the Lord be a refuge for (v.9)? ____________________________________________


During what times will the Lord be a refuge (v.9)? ____________________________________


Who will put their trust in the Lord (v.10)? __________________________________________


Who has the Lord not forsaken (v.10)? _____________________________________________


Who are you to sing praises to (v.11)? _____________________________________________


What are you to declare among the people (v.11)? ____________________________________


What will the Lord do for blood (v.12)? ____________________________________________


Whose cry will He not forget (v.12)? ______________________________________________


Who does David want to have mercy on him (v.13)? __________________________________


What does David want the Lord to consider (v.13)? ___________________________________


Where does the Lord lift David up from (v.13)? ______________________________________


Why does David want the Lord to lift him up from the gates of death (vv.13-14)? ___________




What will David rejoice in (v.14)? ________________________________________________


Who sunk down in the pit they made (v.15)? ________________________________________


Where is their own foot caught or taken (v.15)? ______________________________________


What is the Lord known by (v.16)? ________________________________________________


What is the wicked snared in (v.16)? _______________________________________________


Where shall the wicked be turned into(v.17)? ________________________________________


Who else will be turned into hell (v.17)? ____________________________________________


Who all will not always be forgotten (v.18)? _________________________________________


What will not perish forever (v.18)? _______________________________________________


Who is the Lord not to let prevail (v.19)? ___________________________________________


Who is to be judged in the Lord's sight (v.19)? _______________________________________


What is the Lord to put the nations in (v.20)? ________________________________________


What are the nations to know (v.20)? ______________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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