Romans 11

Has God cast away His people (Rom. 11:1)? ________________________________________

Whose seed is Paul of (v.1)? _____________________________________________________

What tribe is Paul of (v.1)? ______________________________________________________

Who made intercession to God against Israel (v.2)? ___________________________________

Who have they killed (v.3)? ______________________________________________________

What have they torn down (v.3)? __________________________________________________

Note: See 1 Kings 19:10, 14.

What do they seek (v.3)? ________________________________________________________

How many did God reserve for HImself (v.4)? _______________________________________

Who did these men not bow the knee to (v.4)? _______________________________________

Note: See 1 Kings 19:18.

What is there at this present time (v.5)? ____________________________________________

What is this remnant according to (v.5)? ____________________________________________

If election is by grace, then what is election no longer of (v.6)? __________________________

If election is of works, then election of no longer what (v.6)? ____________________________

What has not obtained what it seeks (v.7)? __________________________________________

Who has obtained what it seeks (v.7)? ______________________________________________

What happened to the rest who did not obtain it (v.7)? _________________________________

What type of spirit has God given them (v.8)? _______________________________________

What can't they do with their eyes (v.8)? ____________________________________________

What can't they do with their ears (v.8)? ____________________________________________

Note: See Deut. 29:4.

What is their table to become (v.9)? _______________________________________________

What is to become of their eyes (v.10)? _____________________________________________

Note: See Ps. 69:22-23.

Have they stumbled that they may fall (v.11)? _______________________________________

Who has salvation come to (v.11)? ________________________________________________

Why had salvation come to the Gentiles (v.11)? ______________________________________

What is the fall of the Israelites riches for (v.12)? _____________________________________

Would the fullness of the Israelites be more benefit to the world and Gentiles (v.12)? ________

Who is Paul speaking to in Rom. 11:13? ____________________________________________

Who is Paul an apostle to (v.13)? _________________________________________________

Who does Paul want to provoke to emulation or jealousy (v.14)? ________________________

Who does Paul want to save (v.14)? _______________________________________________

What aids in the reconciling of the world (v.15)? _____________________________________

What will their acceptance or the receiving of them (Israelites) be (v.15)? _________________

What is holy if the firstfruit is holy (v.16)? __________________________________________

What is holy it the root is holy (v.16)? _____________________________________________

What were broken off (v.17)? ____________________________________________________

What does Paul call you (v.17)? __________________________________________________

What was done to the wild olive tree (v.17)? ________________________________________

What did those who were grafted in become a partaker of (v.17)? ________________________

Who are you not to boast against (v.18)? ____________________________________________

What does the root support (v.18)? ________________________________________________

What was broken off that I might be grafted in (v.19)? _________________________________

Why were the branches broken off (v.20)? __________________________________________

What do you stand by (v.20)? ____________________________________________________

What should you do instead of being highminded or haughty (v.20)? _____________________

What did God not spare (v.21)? ___________________________________________________

If God did not spare the natural branches, what might he not spare (v.21)? _________________

What are we to behold or consider (v.22)? __________________________________________

What will those who continue in God's goodness receive (v.22)? ________________________

What will happen if you don't continue in his goodness (v.22)? __________________________

What happens if they do not continue in unbelief (v.23)? _______________________________

Who is able to graft them in (v.23)? ________________________________________________

What were you cut out of (v.24)? __________________________________________________

What is the nature of the olive tree (v.24)? __________________________________________

What were you grafted contrary to nature into (v.24)? _________________________________

What would much more be grafted into their own olive tree (v.24)? ______________________

What does Paul want the brethren not to be ignorant of (v.25)? __________________________

What will happen to Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles come in (v.25)? _________________

What shall come out of Zion (v.26)? _______________________________________________

What will the Deliverer turn away from Jacob (v.26)? __________________________________

When does God make a covenant with Israel (v.27)? __________________________________

Note: See Is. 59:20-21 and Jer. 31:33-34.

Concerning what are they enemies for your sake (v.28)? _______________________________

Concerning or touching what are they beloved for the fathers' sake (v.28)? __________________

The gifts and calling of God are ____________________________________________ (v.29).

What were you once in times past toward God (v.30)? _________________________________

What have you now obtained (v.30)? ______________________________________________

Through the mercy shown you (the gentiles), they (the Jews) may also obtain what (v.31)? _____

God has committed them all to what (v.32)? __________________________________________

That God might have what on all (v.32)? ____________________________________________

Of what two things is there the depths of the riches (v.33)? ______________________________

What is unsearchable (v.33)? _____________________________________________________

What is past finding out (v.33)? ___________________________________________________

Can anyone know the mind of the Lord or counsel God (v.34)? ___________________________

Note: See Is. 40:13.

Has anyone given to God that God should give back to him (v.35)? _______________________

Note: See Job 41:11.

What is of Him, through Him, and to Him (v.36)? ____________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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