Romans 13

What must every soul be subject to (Rom.13:1)? _____________________________________

Where does all authority or power come from (v.1)? __________________________________

What are appointed or ordained of God (v.1)? _______________________________________

Who resists the ordinance of God (v.2)? ____________________________________________

Those who resist shall bring what to themselves (v.2)? ________________________________

What are rulers a terror to (v.3)? __________________________________________________

How do you become unafraid of authority or power (v.3)? ______________________________

What will you get from authority or power if you do good (v.3)? _________________________

The power or authority is what to you for good (v.4)? _________________________________

What are you to be if you do evil (v.4)? ____________________________________________

Who executes wrath upon him who does evil (v.4)? ___________________________________

Why are you to be subject to the powers (v.5)? _______________________________________

Why do you pay taxes or tribute (v.6)? _____________________________________________


What are you to render (v.7)? ____________________________________________________

What is due to the powers (v.7)? __________________________________________________

What are you not to owe (v.8)? ___________________________________________________

What are you to owe (v.8)? ______________________________________________________

What fulfills the law (v.8)? ______________________________________________________

You shall not commit what (v.9)? _________________________________________________

You shall not what (v.9)? ________________________________________________________

What is the saying that sums up any other commandment (v.9)? _________________________


What does love not do to a neighbor (v.10)? _________________________________________

What does love fulfill (v.10)? ____________________________________________________

What is it high time to do (v.11)? _________________________________________________

Our salvation is now nearer than what (v.11)? _______________________________________

What are we to cast off (v.12)? ___________________________________________________

What are we to put on (v.12)? ____________________________________________________

How are we to walk (v.13)? ______________________________________________________

How are we not to walk (v.13)? ___________________________________________________

Who are we to put on (v.14)? _____________________________________________________

What are we to make no provision for (v.14)? ________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

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