Romans 14

Who are you to receive (Rom. 14:1)? ______________________________________________

What types of things are you not to dispute over (v.1)? ________________________________

What do some believe they can eat (v.2)? ___________________________________________

Who eats only vegetables (v.2)? __________________________________________________

Who is not to be despised (v.3)? __________________________________________________

Who is not to be judged (v.3)? ____________________________________________________

Who has God received (v.3)? _____________________________________________________

Are you to judge another man's servant (v.4)? ________________________________________

To whom does a servant stand or fall (v.4)? _________________________________________

Who is able to make the servant stand (v.4)? ________________________________________

What does one man esteem above another (v.5)? _____________________________________

How does another esteem every day (v.5)? __________________________________________

In what should each one be convinced or persuaded (v.5)? ______________________________

To whom is he to observe a day or not observe a day (v.6)? _____________________________

To whom is he to eat or not eat (v.6)? ______________________________________________

Do we live to ourselves (v.7)? ____________________________________________________

Do we die to ourselves (v.7)? ____________________________________________________

Who are we to live to (v.8)? ______________________________________________________

Who are we to die to (v.8)? _______________________________________________________

Whether we live or die who do we belong to (v.8)? ____________________________________

To what end did Christ die, rise, and live again (v.9)? _________________________________


Are we to judge or set at nought (show contempt) for our brother (v.10)? __________________

Where will we all stand (v.10)? ___________________________________________________

What will every knee do (v.11)? __________________________________________________

What will every tongue do (v.11)? _________________________________________________

To whom shall everyone of us give an account of himself (v.12)? ________________________

Who are you not to judge (v.13)? _________________________________________________

What are you not to put in your brother's way (v.13)? _________________________________

What is Paul convinced or persuaded by the the Lord Jesus about (v.14)? __________________


Who is a thing unclean to (v.14)? __________________________________________________

If your brother is grieved with your meat, what are you not walking in (v.15)? ______________

Who are you not to destroy with your meat (v.15)? ____________________________________

What are you not to let be evil spoken of (v.16)? ______________________________________

What is the kingdom not about (v.17)? _____________________________________________

What is the kingdom about (v.17)? ________________________________________________

Who is acceptable to God and approved of men (v.18)? ________________________________

What two things are we to pursue or follow after (v.19)? _______________________________


What are we not to destroy the work of God for (v.20)? ________________________________

What things are pure (v.20)? ______________________________________________________

What is evil for a man to do (v.20)? ________________________________________________

We are not to do anything that makes our brother do what (v.21)? ________________________

What are we to have to ourselves before God (v.22)? __________________________________

How can a person condemn himself (v.22)? _________________________________________

What is the condition of a man who does not condemn himself (v.22)? ____________________

Who is condemned if he eats (v.23)? _______________________________________________

What is sin (v.23)? _____________________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

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