Romans 2


What is the man doing that is inexcusable (Rom. 2:1)? ________________________________


What does he do to himself when he judges another (v.1)? _____________________________


What did the judging man do to condemn himself (v.1)? _______________________________


What is the judgment of God according to (v.2)? _____________________________________


Who is the judgment of God against (v.2)? __________________________________________


What was the man who was judging those who do such things doing (v.3)? ________________


What is the answer to the question posed in verse three? _______________________________


What three things was Paul asking that you despise (v.4)? ________________­­______________


What does the goodness of God lead to (v.4)? _______________________________________


What does your hardness and impenitent heart treasure up for yourself (v.5)? _______________


What type of judgment does God have (v.5)? ________________________________________


God will render to every man according to what (v.6)? ________________________________


What will God render to those seek for glory, honor, and immortality (v.7)? ________________


By what virtue are you to do well (v.7)? ____________________________________________


What do they not obey (v.8)? _____________________________________________________


What do they obey (v.8)? ________________________________________________________


What do the people in verse eight receive? __________________________________________


What will be upon every soul that does evil (v.9)? ____________________________________


What groups of people would the tribulation and anguish fall on (v.9)? ____________________


What do those who work good receive (v.10)? _______________________________________


What two groups of people would the glory, honor and peace fall on (v.10)? _______________


What is there not with God (v.11)? ________________________________________________


What did they sin without (v.12)? _________________________________________________


What shall they perish without (v.12)? ______________________________________________


Those who have sinned in the law shall be judged by what (v.12)? ________________________


Who is not just before God (v.13)? _________________________________________________


Who is justified before God (v.13)? ________________________________________________


Who does not have the law (v.14)? ________________________________________________


What were the Gentiles doing by nature (v.14)? ______________________________________


What does doing the things in the law become to the Gentiles (v.14)? _____________________


Where is this law written (v.15)? __________________________________________________


What also bears witness (v.15)? ___________________________________________________


What do their thoughts do to them (v.15)? ___________________________________________


What will God judge (v.16)? _____________________________________________________


By Whom will God judge the secrets of men (v.16)? __________________________________


What is this truth of God judging according to (v.16)? _________________________________


What was the Jew resting in (v.17)? _______________________________________________


What did the Jew boast in (v.17)? _________________________________________________


What are they to know (v.18)? ____________________________________________________


What are they to approve (v.18)? __________________________________________________


What are they instructed out of (v.18)? _____________________________________________


Who were they confident that they were guide to (v.19)? _______________________________


Who were they a light to (v.19)? __________________________________________________


Who were they an instructor of (v.20)? _____________________________________________


Who were they a teacher of (v.20)? ________________________________________________


What did they have the form of knowledge and truth in (v.20)? __________________________


Those who taught others were also to teach whom (v.21)? ______________________________


What did Paul ask those who preached that a man should not steal (v.21)? _________________


What was asked you who say, "a man should not commit adultery" (v.22)? _________________


What was asked to you who abhor idols (v.22)? ______________________________________


What was asked to those who boasted of the law (v.23)? _______________________________




What was being blasphemed among the Gentiles through them (v.24)? ____________________


Under what circumstances does circumcision profit (v.25)? _____________________________


What happens to the the circumcision of the one who breaks the law (v.25)? _______________


What happens when the uncircumcision keeps the righteousness of the law (v.26)? __________




What will the uncircumcision, who fulfills the law, do to the circumcision, who transgresses the


law (v.27)? ____________________________________________________________________


Does the outward sign of circumcision make a Jew a Jew (v.28)? _________________________


Who is a Jew (v.29)? ___________________________________________________________


What is circumcision of (v.29)? ___________________________________________________


Who is the praise to be from (v.30)? _______________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

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