Romans 4

What is Abraham called (Rom. 4:1)? ______________________________________________

Under what condition would Abraham be able to boast (v.2)? __________________________


Who could Abraham not boast before (v.2)? ________________________________________

How was Abraham made righteous (v.3)? __________________________________________

What are the rewards or wages of work reckoned as (v.4)? _____________________________

Whose faith is counted for righteousness (v.5)? ______________________________________

What does God impute (v.6)? ____________________________________________________

What is the righteousness without or apart from (v.6)? _________________________________

What are those whose iniquities are forgiven and whose sins are covered called (v.7)? _______

Who is blessed in verse eight? ____________________________________________________

Note: See Psalm 32:1-2.

Whose faith was reckoned to him for righteousness (v.9)? ______________________________

When was Abraham's faith reckoned to him for righteousness (v.10)? _____________________

What is circumcision a seal of (v.11)? ______________________________________________

Who is Abraham the father of (v.11)? _______________________________________________

What group of people is righteousness to be also imputed to (v.11)? ______________________

Abraham is the father of circumcision to what two groups (v.12)? ________________________


What is the promise (v.13)? ______________________________________________________

What is the promise not through (v.13)? ____________________________________________

What is the promise through (v.13)? _______________________________________________

If those who are of the law are heirs of the promise, what happens to faith (v.14)? ___________

If those who are of the law are heirs of the promise, what happens to the promise (v.14)? _____


What does the law work or bring about (v.15)? ______________________________________

What is there none of where there is no law (v.15)? ___________________________________

The promise is of faith that it might be by what (v.16)? ________________________________

When by faith, who is the promise sure to (v.16)? ____________________________________

What was Abraham made of father of (v.17)? ________________________________________

Who does God quicken or give life to (v.17)? ________________________________________

What did Abraham do against or contrary to hope (v.18)? ______________________________

What was spoken of Abraham (v.18)? ______________________________________________

Note: See Gen. 15:5.

What was Abraham not weak in (v.19)? ____________________________________________

What did Abraham not consider (v.19)? ____________________________________________

How old was Abraham at the time (v.19)? __________________________________________

What was Sarah's womb like (v.19)? _______________________________________________

What did Abraham not stagger or waver at (v.20)? ____________________________________

What was Abraham strong in (v.20)? _______________________________________________

Who did Abraham give glory to (v.20)? ____________________________________________

What was Abraham persuaded that God was able do with what He had promised (v.21)? _____


What is the "it" that was imputed or accounted to him for righteousness (v.22)? _____________

Note: See vv. 20-21 and Gen. 15:6.

For whose sake was the declaration in v.22 written (vv.22-23)? __________________________

Who shall also have righteousness imputed to him (v.24)? ______________________________

Who are we to believe in (v.24)? __________________________________________________

What was Jesus delivered up for (v.25)? ____________________________________________

What was Jesus raised for (v.25)? _________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

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