Romans 5

What are you justified by (Rom. 5:1)? ______________________________________________

What do we have through our Lord Jesus Christ (v.1)? _________________________________

Through Christ we have access by faith into what (v.2)? ________________________________

What do we rejoice in (v.2)? _____________________________________________________

What do we glory in (v.3)? ______________________________________________________

What does tribulation work or produce (v.3)? _______________________________________

What does patience or perseverance work (v.4)? _____________________________________

What does experience or character work (v.4)? ______________________________________

What does hope do (v.5)? _______________________________________________________

Where is the love of God shed (v.5)? ______________________________________________

By Whom do we get the love of God (v.5)? _________________________________________

What were we without (v.6)? ____________________________________________________

What did Christ do when we were without strength (v.6)? _____________________________


For whom might someone dare to die (v.7)? _________________________________________

What does God commend or demonstrate (v.8)? ______________________________________

Who is this love toward (v.8)? ____________________________________________________

How did God commend or demonstrate His love (v.8)? ________________________________

What was our condition when Christ died for us (v.8)? ________________________________

What are we justified by (v.9)? ___________________________________________________

Through Christ what are we saved from (v.9)? _______________________________________

What were we before we were reconciled to God (v.10)? _______________________________

Through what were we reconciled to God (v.10)? _____________________________________

What shall we be saved by (v.10)? _________________________________________________

Through Whom do we rejoice in God (v.11)? ________________________________________

What have we now received through our Lord Jesus Christ (v.11)? _______________________

By what did sin enter the world (v.12)? _____________________________________________

What entered into the world through sin (v.12)? ______________________________________

What spread to all men (v.12)? ___________________________________________________

Why has death spread to all men (v.12)? ____________________________________________

What is not imputed when there is no law (v.13)? ____________________________________

What reigned from Adam to Moses (v.14)? __________________________________________

Who is a figure or type of Him who was to come (v.14)? _______________________________

What happened through the offense of one (v.15)? ____________________________________

What also came by one Man, Jesus Christ (v.15)? ____________________________________

Who did that grace abound to (v.15)? ______________________________________________

The judgment which came by one resulted in what (v.16)? _____________________________

But the free gift which came from many offenses resulted unto what (v.16)? _______________

What reigned by one (v.17)? _____________________________________________________

What shall reign in life by Jesus Christ (v.17)? _______________________________________

The gift is of what (v.17)? _______________________________________________________

Through or by what did judgment come to all men (v.18)? _____________________________

What did the judgment result in or come to (v.18)? ___________________________________

By or through what did the free gift come upon all men (v.18)? __________________________

What did the free gift come to or result in (v.18)? _____________________________________

What happened to the many by one man's disobedience (v.19)? __________________________

What will happen by on Man's obedience (v.19)? _____________________________________

What entered that the offense might abound (v.20)? ___________________________________

What abounded much more where sin abounded (v.20)? _______________________________

What reigned unto death (v.21)? __________________________________________________

What reigns through righteousness (v.21)? __________________________________________

Unto what does the grace reign through righteousness (v.21)? ___________________________

Through or by Whom does this grace through righteousness reign (v.21)? __________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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