Romans 6

Paul asked,  "Shall we continue in _______________, that grace may abound?" (Rom. 6:1)

Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound (vv.1-2)? ______________________________

If you are dead to sin, shall you live in sin (v.2)? _____________________________________

If you were baptized into Jesus Christ, what were you also baptized into (v.3)? _____________

We are buried with Him by baptism into what (v.4)? __________________________________

What was Christ raised up from the dead by (v.4)? ___________________________________

We should walk in what (v.4)? ___________________________________________________

In what likeness have we been united or planted together (v.5)? _________________________

What other likeness shall we be of (v.5)? ___________________________________________

What happened to our old man (v.6)? ______________________________________________

What is another name for the old man (v.6)? _________________________________________

What happened to the body of sin (v.6)? ____________________________________________

We should not serve or be slaves to what (v.6)? ______________________________________

What happens to the one who has died (v.7)? ________________________________________

What happens if we are dead with Christ (v.8)? ______________________________________


Why does Christ die no more (v.9)? ________________________________________________

What no longer has dominion over Christ (v.9)? ______________________________________

What did Christ die to (v.10)? ____________________________________________________

How many times did Christ die (v.10)? _____________________________________________

Whom does Christ live to (v.10)? _________________________________________________

What are you to reckon yourself dead indeed to (v.11)? ________________________________

Whom are you to reckon yourself alive to (v.11)? _____________________________________

Where are we not to let sin reign (v.12)? ____________________________________________

What would happen if you let sin reign in your body (v.12)? ____________________________

What are you not to yield or present your members or parts of your body as instruments of

(v.13)? ______________________________________________________________________

Whom are you to present yourself to (v.13)? ________________________________________

What are you to present your members as instruments of (v.13)? ________________________

What shall not have dominion over you (v.14)? ______________________________________

What are you not under (v.14)? ___________________________________________________

What are you under (v.14)? ______________________________________________________

Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace (v.15)? _______________________

Whose servant or slave are you (v.16)? _____________________________________________

What does sin lead to (v.16)? _____________________________________________________

What does obedience lead to (v.16)? _______________________________________________

Who should be thanked when you have obeyed from the heart (v.17)? _____________________

What is to be obeyed from the heart (v.17)? __________________________________________


What were you set free from (v.18)? _______________________________________________

When you were set free from sin what did you become slaves to (v.18)? ___________________

In what way does Paul speak to them (v.19)? ________________________________________

What had you yielded or presented your members as servants to (v.19)? ___________________

What are you to yield or present your members as servants to or slaves of (v. 19)? ___________

When you were servants of sin, what were you free from (v.20)? _________________________

What is the fruit of or end of the things you are now ashamed (v.21)? _____________________

What have you been made free from (v.22)? _________________________________________

What have you become servants or slaves of (v.22)? __________________________________

What type of fruit do you have by being servants of God (v.22)? _________________________

What is the end of being a servant of God (v.22)? _____________________________________

What brings death (v.23)? _______________________________________________________

What is the gift of God (v.23)? ____________________________________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook

E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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