Ruth 2


Who was a relative of Naomi, of the family of Elimelech? (v.1)______________________

What kind of man was Boaz? (v.1) ____________________________________________

What was Godís provision for widows? Deut. 24:19 ______________________________

Who did Ruth ask permission of to go glean? (v.2) ________________________________

Did Naomi let her glean? (v.2) _____________

In whose field did Ruth happen to glean? (v.3) __________________________________

Who came to check on the reapers? (v.4)______________________________________

How did Boaz greet the reapers? (v.4) _________________________________________

What was the reaperís response? (v.4) ________________________________________

What did Boaz ask his servant? (v.5) __________________________________________

What was the servantís answer? (v.6) _________________________________________

Even though it was Ruthís right to glean after the reapers, what did she ask? (v.7) _____


How long had Ruth been working? (v.7) ________________________________________

What did Boaz tell Ruth? (vv.8-9) ______________________________________________

What did Boaz tell his young men? (v.9) ________________________________________

How did Ruth respond? (v.10) ________________________________________________

What had Boaz heard about Ruth? (v.11) _______________________________________

What was Boazís desire for Ruth? (v.12) ________________________________________

In whom did Ruth trust? (v.12) _______________________________________________

How had Boaz comforted Ruth? (v.13) _________________________________________

What did Boaz say to Ruth at mealtime? (v.14) __________________________________

Did Ruth take Boazís offer? (v.14) ____________________________________________

What did Ruth do with part of her meal? (v.14) _________________________________

What did Boaz tell his young men? (vv.15-16) __________________________________

How much barley did Ruth glean? (v.17) _______________________________________

What did Ruth do with what she gleaned? (v.18) ________________________________

Why had Ruth kept back some food at mealtime? (v.18) __________________________

What was Naomiís response to what Ruth brought home? (v.19) ___________________


Who did Naomi give the credit to for the good harvest? (v.20) _____________________

What attribute of the Lord did Naomi see at work? (v.21) _________________________

What else had Boaz told Ruth? (v.22) _________________________________________

How did Naomi view this news? (v.23) ________________________________________

How long did Ruth work in Boazís field? (v.24) __________________________________

How did Naomiís attitude change? 1:20, 2:20 ___________________________________

What are some character traits that show that Boaz was a godly man? _______________


What are some character traits of Ruth that show that she is a godly woman? ________


Do you think any of the events in this chapter happened by chance? ________________

When have you seen the kindness of the Lord in your life? ________________________

By Pastor Todd and Susie Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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