Ruth 3


What was Naomi's concern for Ruth? v. 1 ญญญญญญญญ__________________________________________________

(Meaning that she would provide her with a husband, with whom she might live peacefully.)

What was Boaz going to be doing that night? v. 2 ____________________________________________

What was Ruth supposed to do before going to the threshing floor? v. 3 __________________________


When was Ruth to make herself known to Boaz? v. 3 __________________________________________

How was Ruth to approach Boaz? v. 4 ______________________________________________________

What would Boaz tell Ruth? v. 4 __________________________________________________________

What was Ruth's response to Naomi's instructions? v. 5 _______________________________________

Did Ruth do what Naomi told her to do? v. 6 _______________

How was Boaz feeling after threshing the grain? v. 7 __________________________________________

(Grain would be threshed at night when the breezes picked up. The person would sleep with the grain to guard it.)

What did Ruth do after Boaz lie down? v. 7 _________________________________________________

When did Boaz notice Ruth was there? v. 8 __________________________________________________

What did Boaz ask? v. 9 _________________________________________________________________

How did Ruth answer? v. 9 _____________________________________________________________

What did it mean that Boaz should take her under his wing? v.9 ________________________________

In Deut. 25:5-10, there is a plan for what happens to a childless widow. The man's brother is to marry her and have children in the name of his brother. If there are no more brothers other relatives can marry the widow to redeem the property to keep it in the family. Lev. 25:25


What was Boaz's response? v. 10 ________________________________________________________

What did Boaz feel Ruth was showing him? v. 10 _____________________________________________

Who did Ruth not go after? v. 10 _________________________________________________________

What did Boaz tell Ruth not to do? v. 11 ___________________________________________________

What did he say he would do? v. 11 ______________________________________________________

What did all the people of the town know about Ruth? v. 11 __________________________________

What problem did Boaz see? v. 12 _________________________________________________________

What did Boaz tell Ruth to do? v. 13 _______________________________________________________

What would Boaz do in the morning? v. 13 __________________________________________________

How did Boaz feel about the closer relative marrying Ruth? v. 13 ________________________________

What would Boaz do if the closer relative did not want to do his duty? v. 13 _______________________

Where did Ruth lay until morning? v. 14 ____________________________________________________

When did she arise? v. 14 ________________________________________________________________

What did Boaz not want to be known? v. 14 _________________________________________________

What did Boaz give Ruth? v. 15 ___________________________________________________________

How did she carry the barley? v. 15 ________________________________________________________

What did Naomi ask when Ruth got home? v. 16 _____________________________________________

What did Ruth do when she got home? v. 16 ________________________________________________

What had Boaz told Ruth? v. 17 ___________________________________________________________

What did Naomi tell Ruth to do? v. 18 ______________________________________________________

How long did Naomi think it would take Boaz to take care of the matter? v. 18 _____________________

In Ps. 37:3-7, David gives imperatives on how to live life. These things were true in Ruth's life. Are they true in your life?

v. 3 ____________ in the Lord, do _________

v. 4 ____________ thyself in the Lord and He will give you ____________________________________

v. 5 ____________________________ unto the Lord, ________________ also in Him, and He will  


v. 7 ______________ in the Lord, ____________ patiently for Him,  ____________ not.

By Pastor Todd and Susie Cook
E-mail: Todd R. Cook

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