Zechariah 14

What is coming (Zech.14:1)? ____________________________________________________

What will be divided in your midst (v.1)? ___________________________________________

What will the Lord gather (v.2)? _________________________________________________

What will the nations be gathered for (v.2)? ________________________________________

What will happen to the city Jerusalem (v.2)? ______________________________________

What will happen to the houses (v.2)? ____________________________________________

What will happen to the women (v.2)? ____________________________________________

What will happen to half the city (v.2)? ___________________________________________

What will happen to the residue or remnant of the people (v.2)? ________________________

What will the Lord do to the nations (v.3)? ________________________________________

What will happen in that day (v.4)? ______________________________________________

Note: Read Acts 1:9-12.

Which side of Jerusalem is the Mount of Olives (v.4)? ________________________________

What will happen to the Mount of Olives (v.4)? _____________________________________

What direction will the mountain split (v.4)? ________________________________________

What will be formed when the mountain splits (v.4)? __________________________________

Where shall they flee (v.5)? ______________________________________________________

How far shall the the mountain valley reach (v.5)? ____________________________________

What is their fleeing compared to (v.5)? ____________________________________________

Who will come (v.5)? __________________________________________________________

Who will come with the Lord (v.5)? _______________________________________________

In that day what will come to pass (v.6)? ___________________________________________

Who will know about the special day in verse seven? _________________________________

What will happen at evening time on that day (v.7)? __________________________________

What shall flow from Jerusalem in that day (v.8)? ____________________________________

Where will half the waters flow (v.8)? _____________________________________________

Where will the other half of the waters flow (v.8)? ___________________________________

In what seasons will the waters flow (v.8)? _________________________________________

What shall the Lord be king over (v.9)? ____________________________________________

How many of the Lord will there be in that day (v.9)? _________________________________

Where will the land be turned to plain (v.10)? ________________________________________

What will happen to Jerusalem (v.10)? _____________________________________________

What shall no longer be in Jerusalem (v.11)? _________________________________________

What shall safely be inhabited (v.11)? _______________________________________________

What will happen to the people who fought against Jerusalem (v.12)? _____________________


In that day what shall come from the Lord (v.13)? _____________________________________

What will everyone do to his neighbor (v.13)? ________________________________________

Who will fight at Jerusalem (v.14)? ________________________________________________

What of the nations shall be gathered together (v.14)? _________________________________

What shall the plague be on (v.15)? ________________________________________________

What shall all those who are left of the nations which came against Jerusalem go up to do (v.16)?


How often will the people go to Jerusalem to worship (v.16)? ___________________________

What will happen to the families who do not come up to Jerusalem to worship the Lord (v.17)? _


What all will happen to the family of Egypt that does not come up and go to Jerusalem (v.18)? __


What feast are they to keep (v.18)? _________________________________________________

Who will be punished for not coming to the Feast of Tabernacles (v.19)? ___________________

What shall be engraved on the bells of the horses (v.20)? ________________________________

What shall the pots in the Lord's house be like (v.20)? __________________________________

What shall be holiness to the Lord of hosts (v.21)? _____________________________________

Who shall come and cook in the pots in Jerusalem and Judah (v.21)? _______________________

In that day who shall no longer be in the house of the Lord (v.21)? ________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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