Zechariah 3

Who was standing before the Angel of the Lord (Zech. 3:1)? ___________________________

Who was Joshua (v.1)? ________________________________________________________

Who stood at Joshua's right hand (v.1)? ___________________________________________

What was Satan aiming to do (v.1)? ______________________________________________

Who spoke to Satan (v.2)? _____________________________________________________

Who rebuked Satan (v.2)? ______________________________________________________

What was plucked from the fire (v.2)? _____________________________________________

What was Joshua clothed with (v.3)? ______________________________________________

Who was Joshua standing before (v.3)? ____________________________________________

What did the Angel say to those who stood before Him (v.4)? __________________________


What did the Angel remove from Joshua (v.4)? ______________________________________

What will Joshua be clothed with (v.4)? ____________________________________________

What was put on Joshua's head (v.5)? ______________________________________________

Who stood by (v.5)? ____________________________________________________________

Who did the Angel of the Lord address (v.6)? ________________________________________

What was Joshua to walk in (v.7)? _________________________________________________

What was Joshua to keep (v.7)? ___________________________________________________

What responsibilities were Joshua given for obeying the Lord (v.7)? _______________________


Among whom would Joshua be given a place (v.7)? ___________________________________

What does the Lord say Joshua and his companions are (v.8)? ___________________________

Who is the Lord bringing forth (v.8)? _____________________________________________

Where is the stone laid (v.9)? ___________________________________________________

What was on the stone (v.9)? ___________________________________________________

What will the Lord remove in one day (v.9)? _______________________________________

In that day, where will everyone invite his neighbor to (v.10)? __________________________

By Pastor Todd R. Cook (toddrcook@biblestudies4u.info)

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